Tuesday, February 03, 2009


I had read about chinese arrowhead (also known as nga ku or chi ku in Cantonese) but never get to taste this little bugger waterchestnut-like thingy in the past as it's not available in my hometown. Poor me.

Finally I get to eat the thick arrowhead chips this year. My goodness.. It's so yummy and addictive. Chomp... chomp... chomp... and within minutes it's all gone. Forget about my favourite potato chips. :P

Too bad.... Arrowhead chips is only available during Chinese New Year period. Sigh.. :(


TZ said...

I have finished one jar of this chip... kekeke :p

giddy tigress said...

you have just reminded me of another thing i missed this cny!

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Those chips, I agree, are really yummy.

Sadly, I couldn't get as much as I wanted this year le.


rainbow angeles said...

apa ini? tarak tau woh.. -_- suaku..

gabriella.ngo said...

eee whats that?
got chips some more...

ha?only available during cny???u got buy some for me to eat when i go over or not? 'x'

p/s hrng..din reply my sms hor u! 'x'

yenjai.net said...

very very nice
but takes tons of effort to fried just a small container of those

mistipurple said...

i want!!! supermarket got sell hah?

fibrate said...

Yum. Nga Ku chips. No CNY is ever complete without them!

moz monster said...

I'll bring you a jar next time I'm in Penang. My mum makes it all year long !

Kurukure said...

Haha i finished up few jar of this nga ku before chinese new year. Yummy.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Those are some pretty neat closeups pics.

I like your blog. Feel free to come by mine and leave a comment! Would you be interested in linking sites? I'll be back soon.


Wyn said...

aiya...jiejie cakap early early mah...keke...

can fried some for u...=P

Redsponge said...

Is it only available in Perak? My sil miss it very much but thank to my bro 's gf who bought it this year! It is indeed yummy! My first time eating these chips!

Chen said...

Wow, finishing up one jar by yourself? This is "sinful" !

giddy tigress,
Hope u can have it next year then :)
I ate the chips the first time this year and I love it. This has become my favourite chips :)

I can still find it in the market. In fact I bought one jar of the chips this morning when I visited the market in Penang, for RM 14. Quite expensive but since it's only available once a year, don't care lah :D

Chen said...

Aiyak, u also never eat before ah?
I thought only i tak pernah makan :P
Can try and look out for it in the supermarket (the fresh one). The pre packed fried chips is available in some of the bakery or stalls too :)

But quite pricey loh.. around RM 14 to RM 16 per container, but super yummy :)

Keke, I dunno whether this is available in Sarawak or not, but I never see it in the past in my hometown :)

This chips cannot be kept for so long wan, cos it's too yummy. If i see it lying on the table, sure i will go makan.. till habis. :P

psss.. I replied your sms liao :P

Chen said...

Yeah, hard work. Did u help your missus preparing and frying the chips? :)

or u r too busy makan, makan, makan? :P

Supermarket got sell the fresh arrowhead, but the fried one can be bought from the stalls in the market over here. Singapore I dunno leh :)

I never eat it in the past leh..
I so kesian.. :P

Chen said...

Wah.. so nice of u, thanks a lot leh.

How come your mum can made it all year long geh? Where she get the fresh supplies of arrowhead? Cos i only see it like once a year during CNY time :)

Wah.. good lah u, finished up few jars summore :D Your family must have prepared and fried a lot of arrowhead chips :D

Thanks for dropping by. I will drop by your place. At the moment I didn't put up links of other blogs at my sidebar but I subscribe the updates via RSS :)

Chen said...

u so good girl wan ah? Thanks :D

Can pre order some from u next year liao. Hahhahaa :D

Err.. why suddenly talk about Perak? U made me go back and check my post whether there's typo inside my post or not. I thought I typed CNY wrongly as Perak. LOL

It's available over here in Malaysia and overseas too (but I have never see it in Sarikei in the past).

During CNY period, or a month before CNY, can find this fresh arrowchips in Supermarket over here in Penang. (p/s: I hardly go to the wet market mah) :)

day-dreamer said...

Nice hor nice hor? I like it so much! :D

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Me too..
This is much better than potato chips :D

Tekkaus said...

My wife made me a jar too. Munch! Munch! Yummy! =)

rainstorm said...

your nga koo so thick one ar ?

Chen said...

That's nice. She must have bought lotsa fresh arrowhead to made the chips :)

thicker one is more tasty, and more yummy :)

Monique said...

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