Monday, December 29, 2008


Two more days and 2008 is coming to an end. Too many things happened this year. My younger brother just get married recently in Kuching, Sarawak. I had done the Silk Road Tour and visited Western Australia. Not forgetting to mention I managed to meet back online with lotsa long lost classmates, schoolmates, coursemates, uni friends, ex colleagues via Facebook. I have also bought few lenses this year ~ Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8, Sigma 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 with OS and Canon 50 mm f/1.8. Get myself an 8Gb Ipod Touch too & I love it very much. However, just recently, my MacBook Mackie had a "heart transplant" due to hardware failure. :(

Two most heart breaking events that happened this year were I lost two dear close friends and colleagues, Dr Tan Bee Hooi and Dr Alison Lim Yee Hoon within few months this year. Their passing is really shockening but their presence will always remain in my heart. I'm truly glad knowing them and to have them as my friends. Their passing reminds me that I shall treasure and cherish what I have and and do not take things for granted nor procrastinate as life is short. And to those who loves to complaint about small matters in life, I want to tell u that "Just being alive is such a lovely and wonderful thing". Some unfortunate ones are denied of that priviledges. I miss both of you dearly, Bee Hooi and Yee Hoon. Although both of you are no longer here with me physically, your spirit will continue to live on...

Hopefully 2009 will be a better and more promising year...


rainbow angeles said...

my mackie had an 'accident' a few wks back.. she "jump"ed from my bed when i accidentally swung my arms while i was buzzzzy dreaming... really shit... but luckily her heart still intact.. except for a small crack at a corner... :-(

2008 also saw a big change in my life.. que sera sera, whatever will be will be...

here's wishing you and ahboy and all the 3-8 ones, the happiest MooMoo Year ahead! ;-)

XanFactor said...

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Doreen said...

You have certainly achived quite a lot personally in 2008. I still feel sorry for your loss. They were such a wonderful young ladies. Well, as 2008 is coming to an end, may the new year bring you and your family joy and good health.

Wyn said...

Wishing jiejie a very Happy New Year ahead...

Be happy always..=)

Michelle Mak said...

Happy 2009!!
may this new year of urs filled with lots lots of joy and happiness! :)

[SK] said...

wow, silk road!! that must be an interesting and unforgettable trip!! wishing you a healthy and happy year 2009 ahead~~ :)

mistipurple said...

wish you and your hub and ahboy a happies new year 2009 filled with everything good and be in good health always!
wishes 3-8 gang happy new year too.
i kopi meow the rainbow one, kkkk.

Pink Cotton said...


2008 has been rather uneventful for me...but i think i m going to see big changes in 2009 :P

sarawakiana said...

Perhaps we can say we survived 2008 and did more than other years before!!

2008 is a year I had a feast for my eyes through lenses like yours!!
My life has been enriched! Thanks.

A new chapter will begin and we must garner all our strength and spirit to meet it!!

Cheers to 2009 and fare the well to 2008!

mistipurple said...

i forgot to tell you that i thought the picture is something that you have just eaten. i know you like 'strange' food mah. :P *runs*

Chen said...

Wah, your Mackie decided to become superman... oops, supermac ah? (somehow this reminds me of macburger) :P

Luckily your Mackie didn't suffer from heart failure, else expensive loh to do heart transplant or open heart surgery...

Cheers for a better 2009, especially when it's Moo Moo year :)

Yeah, I have done lotsa things that I have never thought of doing in 2008, and I will always cherish those moments...

However, the passing of my two dear friends are really shockening. Frankly speaking, up to date, I still can't believe they are not here already.... :(

May 2009 be a better year and cheers for a better 2009 :)

Chen said...

Thanks Wyn.
Wishing u, your hunny & Bobo a happy & prosperous 2009 too. And congrats for passing with flying colours :)

Thanks Michelle
Cheers for a better 2009

I just had steak & red wine for dinner :P

Thanks for dropping by, SK.
Yeah, the Silk Road adventure is a memorable one, although tiring. I had wrote few posts on Silk Road previously but still haven't complete writing the whole journey yet :)

Cheers for a better 2009 :)

Chen said...

Thanks Misti
Hehehe, we haven't "Garfield" stuff for quite some time already. I have almost forgotten about the "kopi cat" :)

Wishing u a more prosperous & better year in 2009, since it's Moo Moo year (cos Moo Moo rocks mah) :)

pink cotton,
Happy New Year Pink Cotton
Where u wanna do your countdown tomolo night?

Hopefully u can migrate over here soon. Can enjoy the longkang laksa and char koay teow. Awaiting for the good news. But don't pull Ah Boy's ears woh.. :P

Cheers for a better 2009

Chen said...

We accomplished and experienced different things each year, be it good or bad experience. And that will mould us to be a better person.

Glad u like the pictures. Photography is a fulfilling but expensive hobby. A good but expensive past time activity too, but i totally have no regrets. :)

Cheers for a better 2009 :)

Faint kaw kaw...
Hopefully u have figured out what plant is that by now :P

I'm not so adventurous to eat that plant leh.. I love to see the baby plants growing at the side of the leaves. Talking about looking at life from different perspective... :)

fibrate said...

Kawan, looks like we have the same lenses! (sigma 18-200mm right?)

Happy New Year!

Chen said...

Yeah loh, we r not rich mah..
Cannot buy those canggih expensive lens...

We can only afford those "lower-end" 3rd party lens. And only using the lowest end cheaper Canon DSLR camera EOS 350D :)

mistipurple said...

dunno wat plant leh. i tried 'cheating' and see if you named it under 'properties'. LOL! and categories too btw.
*faint* i feel so devious now. :P

Chen said...

I almost fall down from the chair reading what u wrote...

Aiyoyo.. this is daun setawar or Kalanchoe pinnata (sounds so ocipala). Okie okie, the english name is known as Life Plant or Miracle Leaf. I'm sure u play with it during your younger days. Or at least I played with it :P

Why i love the plant ah? Cos it's so cute mah.. as it is different from other plants as it produces several miniature plants on the margin of it leaves. Hence, it's very lively, as it's full of lives :)

fibrate said...

Or we just have such great taste we end up having the same gadgets LOL

Dunno when I can call a Canon L lens my own...

Chen said...

Just as the famous saying.. "Great Minds Think Alike", huh? :P
Those are still considered as "affordable" and good lens, till we get something better in the future :)

Do more locum? or join private sector? Then within a short period of time, u can call Canon L lens (& more other lens) yours liao... :P

day-dreamer said...

Happy 2009~

EastCoastLife said...

May you be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!! Happy year 2009, Doctor Chen! said...

Happy New Year

poke poke and hug hug

khengsiong said...

Why did you buy Sigma 18-55mm f/3.5-6.3? I doubt it is any better than the kit lens.

I bought EF 85mm f1.8 ^_^

Chen said...

DD, ECL, Yenjai,
Happy New Year 2009

Oh, I didn't realise the typo earlier on. The lens i bought was Sigma 18-200 mm. I have corrected the error in the post already :D

sbanboy said...

Happy New Year !!!

And thanks for the reminder.... life is just too short and precious.

Twilight Zone said...

Going to Silk Road is like a pilgrimage trip for the Chinese! So costly and far but that is definitely in my "must have" list for 2009.

Chen said...

yeah, life is short. We have to treasure every moment we have :)

twilight zone,
The Silk Road tour is a tiring but still enjoyable trip. But towards the end of the trip, I was looking forward to come back home, hehehe..

Hope u can made it to Silk Road this year. Hopefully u can do your tour during summer time, as u will have more time for sight seeing, as the sky only become dark at 10 pm during summer time :)