Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hami Melon

Since I kinda lazy, I will write a short post today. Yeah, we were back to Hami town again.
The colourful and fragrant flowers outside our hotel in Hami. Something different from the unhealthy, dull and dusty plants seen in the desert :)
Yeah, we spent our night here in this particular 4 star hotel in Hami. Banyak juga customer hoh check in (or check out?) at the counter. And they were not from our tour group. Btw, did anyone notice something unique in the above photo? ;)
Yeah, the Hami Melon. One fresh, huge Hami Melon was put on display next to the counter. There are many other hami melon related paintings and poems seen in the hotel. Well, Hami town (哈密) is well known for the sweet and crisp muskmelon, the Hami Melon (哈密瓜). Hami Melon is also known as the King of Melons. So cute hoh seeing the hami melon being displayed in such a way inside the hotel. Imagine if Malaysia display our the King of Fruits (aka Durian) inside the hotel??? Hahaha, this is beyond imaginable and I'm pretty sure this will never happen. Else 99% of the tourists will run for their lives :P
The hotel also display several different types and varieties of Hami melons, which varies in shapes, sizes, skin color, flesh color etc. Sorry, the photo was a bit blur as I was in a rush as it was a last minute thing...

Yeah, I did taste the delicious Hami Melon (but not inside the hotel lah) but I didn't snap any photos of the fruits I ate ;)


mistipurple said...

here donno have import or not. i know japan ones are very expensive. see the price already full. :P

day-dreamer said...

Hami Melon doesn't smell like durian, that's why they can display in the hotel like that. Haha.

Big Bright Head said...

from japan import 1 mikan also must think a few times....he he :D

rainbow angeles said...



tian mi mi... na jiu shi wo... kkkkkk :p

CK Lam said...

Hami Melon is very tasty and sweet if we know how to choose...unfortunately the ones that I bought from the market is 90% tasteless...even it is from China or Japan :(

Chen said...

Should have kua?
I saw it in the supermarket in Malaysia previously
but as u mentioned
it is pricey lah :P

day dreamer,
Hahaha, talking about durian
I saw durian in the streets too in several provinces in China
but never ask the price lah
I presume it's expensive
I only buy other fruits such as peaches, apricots, berries and some other fruits which i dunno the name :)

Thanks for dropping by.
I saw the muskmelon from Japan but never buy it..
Cos the price is indeed... WOW :D

Chen said...

hami hami hami?
apa apa apa? :P

Yeah, Angeles is forever tian mi mi wan..
Just like Ah Boy, the sweetie pie
He always very sweet one..
(made from icing sugar, rock sugar & honey mah.. :P)

ck lam,
I think it depends on the season too.

The melons produced in July or August are much sweeter and more tasty as that period of time is the hami melon season :)

Doreen said...

Like that then the hotel would need to keep changing the Hami melons very often loh? Else, no freshy looking not good?

Chen said...

Hami melon is just like bread and butter in Hami. Hence I presume it shouldn't be a problem for them to change to fruit frequently :) said...

that's it! i'm building a durian hotel!! i am sure angeles will support me.

Chen said...

Faint at the idea of building a durian hotel.
My goodness...
But I'm sure Angeles will love it to the max :D

fibrate said...

How cute. Melon fixation. Your frozen watermelons Hami-inspired ah?

Wyn said...

soon there will be apple hotel, orange hotel, strawbery hotel and so on...


Chen said...

LOL at melon fixation :P

The frozen melon is just merely coincident lah, nothing to do with Hami :P

Since my hubby told me he ate the frozen melon in his friends house the other day, and TESCO having watermelon cheap sales (only RM 1 per kilo), hence I bought one watermelon back and freeze half the fruit :P

Hehehe, we already had one strawberry hotel or strawberry park resort in Cameron Highlands. But I doubt they display strawberries inside the hotel leh :P

kyh said...

hami soo? hami lai? hami hami... :P:P

I wanna taste the hami hami hami....

Chen said...

Your hami hami sounds like Hammy the Hamster. Hahahhaa..

Wah.. u wanna taste hami hami? Don't lah eat Hammy the hamster woh. He is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee :)

I lup hamster (But I lup Ah Boy more leh). Reminiscing my few hamsters (especially BoBo) who are now in hamster heaven :P

cooknengr said...

What's up doc. I am sure if you bought back a 哈密瓜 and tell people" this is "哈密瓜", the Penangite will say " Beh chai leh, 唱來听一下".

Chen said...

Hahhaha, that's a good one :D