Friday, June 01, 2007

Photo Hunters : Art

photo hunters

Today's topic is Art.

Presenting a familiar piece of art - which is none other than my one and only weblog profile picture "The Lion and The Lamb". I saw a similar picture in the magazine and loved the picture, so I drew and painted one myself, with Pentel Oil Pastel. That was in the mid 90's, and I still have the painting with me up to this day!! Might be I should get myself another box of oil pastel again... and continue back the abandoned hobby...


mistipurple said...

yes, you should paint again. you are very artistic. i love your new year pigs too, and drawings of angel, your sketches, etc.

_butt said...

omg, all this while I didn't know that you drew and painted your own avatar!! nice!! :D

_butt said...

aiya, mistipurple beat me by 3 mins.. lol

happy weekend!


Chen said...

Thanks. Kkkkk.. U still remember my drawing of angel & sketches? That was a year ago liao.. Time really flies, huh? Might be it's time for me to restart back my sketching business again!!

Kkkk, u thought i copy & paste the picture from somewhere ah?
Thank u thank u :)

14 more minutes before the clock strikes 12. Happy Weekend to u too

L B said...

Aha, so now we know the story behind the lion and the lamb, or do we? LOL... Ok, maybe not the whole cheonghei story, but this will do, for starters, as a prelude.. How the lamb turned into shish kebab, and the lion into sotong?... See Ghost again, I think! Very blur blur these days ~ don't even know what I am talking about anymore.. CCF!

rinnah said...

Wow... you drew your own picture? That's so cool. I can't even draw stick figures... kekekekeke!

Chen said...

faint with your vivid imagination
Lion turn into Sotong?
This is known as Hallucination liao !! Giggle under table :P

Soon, u can have your servings of CCF very very soon. Can start countdown & tick tock tick tock now..

When I EFND time, I will sketch something here & there. Hahhaa, u can see my drawings and sketching on my notepads, newspapers, and inside my pda too ;)

Will said...

you should do a tiger and the pig... hahahhahahahaahha

Chen said...

apa pasal draw a tiger & a pig pulak?
扮猪吃老虎 ah?

wake up & search for Sotong to piak Will :P

angel said...

Wheeee!!! Nice! Of cos u knew that last time I din know itu apa kkkkkk... what did I say it was?


Yayayayaya!! Draw me! Sketch me! Paint me! Lup Me!!! Kkkkkkk...

Chen said...

wheeeeeeeeeeee :D
I can't remember what u say it was liao, but I do remember what Cocka said - itu ayam thought that the Lion was "Brain" leh.. Really See Ghost liao. I really faint 9-9 listening to that! LOL

Draw another cartoon Angel?
u know, the phrase "paint me" sounds like pouring paint on you leh..
*cabut fast-fast*

day-dreamer said...

Ei... I thought you blogged about this wonderful picture before??

Chen said...

u also blog about CCF before mah..

King's wife said...

ooo...that's your famous avatar.
Didn't know you painted it.
A real original. :)

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... that's how the logo came from, great work!

kyh said...

waaa so nice!

actually i tot ur avatar is a brain, cos u r a doc ma! mana tau it's a lion head! KKKK!!!!!!

ehon said...

PAINT AH BOY!!! :D he so kiut!! :D

i also thought u copied from somewhere ler ur avatar. why u so pandai painting?

may said...

yea you should, Doc. paint away. shall I pose for you on my left, or right?

ah nel said...

i tot u can hold knife to cut ppl onli... :P

when jesus not looking...the lion will eat the lamb...


Chen said...

hehhee, the Lion & the Lamb picture has become my trademark picture liao :P I even use it as the icon picture for my favatar :)

Thank u thank u :)


Brain again?
u have the same thinking as Cocka !! He also thought that was a brain. Really faint 9-9 :P Which part of it resembles brain ah? Looking up & down.. LOL

Chen said...

paint Ah Boy ah?
which Ah Boy r u referring to?
The doggy or u? LOL

i not pandai painting lah..
average only :)

searching high & low for colour pencils to begin my masterpiece..

ah nel,
I can hold knife to cut vegetable & cut oranges too :P

Then u can have mutton satay, huh?

Jenn in Holland said...

I am voting that you paint again! This is very lovely. A talent like that should be pursued. :)

hanneng said...

Dr Chen. Nice job

Lynn said...

I guess you should paint again. Great talents shouldn't be put to waste. :)

julie said...

You should paint again. It is not only art, it is also a form of therapy, an expression of feelings and thoughts as well as putting to good use talents that you have.

Incog & Nito said...

Oh you should paint again. That is a lovely picture. Happy weekend.

lynnx01 said...

So beautiful! It's good to pick up something you abandon. This holiday I am going to take up guitar and piano again.

As for the phrase 'The Lion and The Lamb', it reminds me of Chris Tomlin's How Great Is Our God.. a really nice song!

Doreen said...

You painted it yourself? wah, you paint well! very well indeed.

ehon said...

both!! :D we can pose together. the 2 ah boys. no no. two kewt ah boys. aiseh! lol! :D

Linda said...

You did a gorgeous job with it and I think it's fantastic that it's your avatar, too! Very creative!

Chen said...

jenn in holland,
Thanks, Jenn :)

Thanks Hanneng :)

Thanks Lynn :)

Thanks Julie
yeah, painting is a great way of relaxing oneself.

incog & nito,
Thanks, incog & nito.
Have a Happy Weekend :)

Wow, that's great. I can't play any musical instruments. I love that song too (How Great Is Our God). Enjoy your holidays and Happy weekend :)

Chen said...

Thanks Doreen for the compliment.
I won't consider it as very well yet.
Still much room for improvement :)

two kewt ah boys?
take out ruler to measure face skin thickness
*kidding lah*

Thanks Linda :)
I have been using this picture as my avatar pict since I started blogging. This has sort of become my trademark picture :D

tegdirb92 said...

wow--that is an awesome job. I'm impressed.

Dragonheart said...

You are very talented! :) That's a beautiful piece of art. :)

Monk[+]Icon said...

wah lokter is a painter! amazing!

Chen said...

Thanks for your compliment. Happy Weekend.

Thanks dragonheart. Happy Weekend.

Thanks Monkticon.
I haven't paint with oil pastel for a decade liao. It's time to get my hands "dirty" again, since it is messy to paint with oil pastel :P

ah nel said...

i don eat mutton but onli kambing... :P said...

Wow. Chen. You are artistic

Imma ( Alice) said...

A fine work of art, for sure.

Everyone is invited to my Art Exhibition. Hope to see you there.

FireHorse said...

Wow, this is really impressive, yes yes do go back to drawing, oso drawing s veli stress relieving.

Chen said...

ah nel,
u eat the live kambing ah?
kambing no mekkkk back at u meh? :O

Thanks yenjai. Nowadays I spent most of my free time on photography :D

Thanks Imma :)

Thanks Firehorse :)
Photography is my latest hobby, something that I picked up, mmm.. since 2 years back? Hopefully I will pick up the pencils and oil pastels again soon.

eastcoastlife said...

You drew this? buay pai leh!

Chen said...

yeah, i drew that more than a decade ago, when i did my undergraduate in university time :)