Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sampat Moment...

*Commercial Break*

http://albiewong.com is nominated by yours truly for The Blogger's Choice Awards as The Best Blog of All Time. "The multi talented i-Professor who prefers the non edible Apple than the contrary - Apple MacBook, iPhones, iPhotos, iPort, iTunes.. Loves KFC, Lormaikai, Starbucks etc.."

We have more celebrities in da house. Ah Boy was also nominated for The Blogger's Choice Awards as The Best Animal Blogger. "The cutest, the slinkiest, the biggest eyed one, the most talkative, loves Grilled Spare Ribs, and tickles..."
How to resist those cute big round eyes woh???

• Sayang Ah Boy?
• Wanna Ah Boy's paw print?
CLICK HERE to to make Ah Boy smile in his sleep (Ah Boy will definitely sayang u more liao & share his pedigree dog food with u...)
• Ah Boy wanna thanks LB, Misti, May, Rinnah, Wenn, Sin Ling, Bernard, Ah Ben, Angel, Furkids in HK, Eastcoastlife & family, Kat, SA, Papercrazy, Pink Cotton, Red Sponge, Day Dreamer, Butt, Cocka, Siwwypig & others for casting their votes for Ah Boy.

• Wanna hugs LB?
• Wanna LB's thumb print? (since Ah Boy is giving out paw print mah)
CLICK HERE to made a difference! (who knows? LB might share his precious Lormaikai & KFC with u all...)

Sam pat™ ? NES™? Another EFND™ post? or NBTD™ post? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk™.....

*Commercial Break over liao...*


zeroimpact said...

Like this also can ah
I like cute Ah boy
Me vote for Ah boy

rinnah said...

I already voted for both Ah Boy and L B liao! Go go go!

*brings autograph book for paw print and thumb print*

may said...

yes, very sampat, but all worth it! two thumbs up for both nominations! *throws in extra 2 votes for each*

angel said...

Pssttt!! Come, we go register for ALL the email addresses we have... shhh...

*Strategy Manager Wannabe*

U got how many e-mail addresses?? I got... *count count count*... 5 or 6? Kkkkk... but some forgot password liao... how? I know! Register for more email addys!! KKKKKK!

a^ben said...

me also already bloated liaw~

i mean.. voted liaw!! kekekekekeke

Furkids in Hong Kong said...

Ah Boy, why you so cute leh? You make Cream and Hiba want to go to Malaysia to court you!!!

Chen said...

of cos can..
ini dunia semua pun boleh !!
Thanks :)

Thanks for voting, Rinnah :)
u want red ink? black ink? blue ink? or purple ink for the paw print?

yes, indeed very sam pat..
wat to do?
I haven't write sam pat post for quite some time liao.. :P


eastcoastlife said...

oh... lb oso in the run! ok, gonna vote for both! hehe....

Asian power!!!

Chen said...

are u BabyGirl ah?
I presume so loh...

register for all the email address?
wah wah wah Wah WAH....
There are many others who are lazy even to register just for once leh... u must brainwash them kaw kaw liao :P

Kkkkkkkkkkkkk again at the "Strategy Manager Wannabe" :P

I know u bloated liao :P
Saw your big big "bloat" oledi
Thanks :D

Chen said...

Come all the way from HK to Malaysia to court Ah Boy?
Ah Boy will sure have insomnia tonight liao..
Abuthen, Cream & Hiba are cute & pretty too ;)

Yeah, there are more & more celebrities in da house..
i just nominated him few hours ago
I'm now fishing for more votes :P


L B said...

hahahaha, laff till fall off table, float into toilet, sink under chair, kkkkkkkkkk™...

Oi, I already voted for Ah Boy liao!!

Thanks for your kind gesture.. One day you owe me three Lormaikais... BBL


eastcoastlife said...

The Tan family(3) voted for AhBoy!

L B said...

*makes thumb prints* ~ here, here, here, and here, and here... another one here... one more here... and here...

Pink Cotton said...

i wanna vote for ah boy punya ...but need to register first..

so i told myself i register at home..
but when i reached home i forgot abt it...now only i remember again..aiyo long story...

ok nvm 2nite i vote~~ yay~~...and also vote for LB lorrrr...kekeke

dino said...

when is the closing date?? :p

mistipurple said...

ah boy soooooo handsomeeeee. if i were a dog (bitch??) i would date him. hahahaaa. :P

papercrazy said...

voted liaw....going to cast my vote again tomorrow, and the day after, and day after, and day after, and day after and and and zzzzzzzzzzz

Chen said...

good good good..
there are few people hiding under the table ;)

write inside buku 555 (as if I have one) - 3 LMK :P

Thanks, so sweet of u :)
thank u very much :)

Blue thumb print,
Red thumb print,
Green thumb print,
Purple thumb print,
Black thumb print...
here & there
so colorful !!!
See liao also syiok :D

Chen said...

long story ah?
we cut the story short then..
Ah Boy waiting for your vote tonite
(while eye-ing at your banana milk shake with his big round eyes :P)

The result will be out on 2nd June 2007. Closing date should be somewhere before that kua..

u can date Ah Boy even though u r not "bitch" leh... LOLOL

wah... nak main tipu ah? LOL
Abuthen, u can only vote once for the same blog with your registered name leh..
Unless u wanna register several different account names lah..

Monk[+]Icon said...

yay! ah boy all the way yay!!!!

kyh said...

okie... gonna cast my vote liao~

yenchiew said...

waaaahhhh!!! so the comel~!!
a vote definitely's comin from me liao!!
and so is for Albie himself~!!

Chen said...

Ah Boy waiting...
with big round eyes :P

Finally... Thanks :D
Ah Boy wait till neck long-long liao

yen chiew,
Ah Boy gives u one blue paw print on your baju as sign of appreciation ;)

day-dreamer said...

I register already, but haven't sign in email to verify...

Later ya!


Pink Cotton said...

forgot to register again last nite!

okok 2nite 2nite! ^_^

eastcoastlife said...

Commercial break still haven't break finish arh? hehehe....

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Ah Boy told me u voted for him liao
TQ TQ :)

pink cotton,
dun worry..
Ah Boy still sayang u :P
Pssss... He wants extra scoops of ice cream in the smoothies u preparing for him tonight ;)

I was busy filling up the BE Form for the income tax return :P
summore feel tired & sleepy lately..

Redsponge said...

hehehe just realise this post is diff from the previous one..cos both are ah boy photos ma..how i know wo...MUAHAHA

anyway...i vote for ur ah boy liao! i also vote lb liao! ^_^

Simple American said...

I tot I commented.

Oh well. Now I have. And my votes are in. :)

Chen said...

red sponge,
Yeah, these are 2 different posts. This is the sam pat post whilst the other is Ah Boy in action mia post, but both also features the cute Ah Boy ;)

Hahaha, i must ask pink cotton to brain wash u, so that u won't phobia & afraid of doggies in the future ;)

Thanks for voting for Ah Boy & LB.

Hehehhe... u have now commented ;)
Thanks for voting :D

_butt said...

I vote already! :D

Chen said...

Thanks Butt
Ah Boy sayangz u :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Acherly, I wanted to vote lah. But so mah 9 faan, must register lah, granpa's name lah, yi ma ku jie info also they want,...si i gave up!

Chen said...

ini cocka manyak malas woh :P