Monday, January 15, 2007

Ipoh : Kampar Kari Kai Bun

Initially we planned to omit lunch after the heavy breakfast. But since we passed by this famous Kampar Curry Chicken Bun branch in Ipoh on "our way back home"... I meant leaving Ipoh, So.. what to do? Hahhaa, No choice but we had to stopy by and helped ourselves with the famous signature Kampar Curry Chicken Bun dish !! It was 2:40 pm in the late afternoon.

The Ipoh Yau Kee Restaurant (a branch of the main restaurant from Kampar) serving the famous Kampar Curry Chicken Bun & Herbal Chicken Bun.

The huge & gigantic Curry Chicken Bun or Roti Ayam or KariKai Bun - an ingenious creation. The precooked curry chicken was wrapped up in the grease-proof paper and tucked inside a huge loaf of bread dough prior to baking. Take note : NOT to bite the bun. RM 24 for one loaf (it's huge).

Time to savour the fragrant chicken curry with tender pieces of chicken meat and potatoes.

The curry go exceptionally well with the soft & fluffy bun. Divine!! Kick Ass!! I should have tapao the Herbal Chicken Bun back home.. Now I regret :(

Restoran Roti Ayam Yau Kee Kampar,
119 & 119A Jalan Pasir Putih,
Ipoh, Perak
Tel : 05 2416504


Will said...

aiyah no need regret... go again lor :P

Anonymous said...

I WANT TO EAT!!!!!!!

so hungry~ hahaha

Anonymous said...

ohhhh... I know this shop, I know this shop!! on the way back from Penang that day (when I visited you lah), we also stopped by Kampar to buy this Kalikai Bun. the Yokchoykai Bun also not bad. next time dun hesitate, tapau and sapu onli!!

Chen said...

wah..... u are so fast
got radar on your head issit?
very efficient !!

dunno when will i go there again loh..
definitely not so soon lah :P

might be ah ben can go to the roti man and buy one karikai bun. Tat one will cost less than RM 1.50 :p

nice hoh nice hoh the kalikai :D
Didn't plan to eat at this place earlier on... but since we "kebetulan" passing by.. why not? :P

Next time next time i will tapao..
just tat dunno when is tat next time...
haiiiiiiiiiiii :(

angel said...

Tak pernah cuba :(

Anonymous said...

syyyyyuuk.. syok!! kick ass sumore horr.. :P

yes, once in Ipoh, you eat non-stop!! :D

eh.. this one my friend didn't intro wan. cis, must kira balik with her already.. *jots down the restaurant add*

mistipurple said...

wonder how you can manage to eat so much in a day? hahaha. so bad to ask, but really wonder how. i think that is how the 'gang' felt when they visited singapore.

Chen said...

next time , when balik kampung time, can tapao one back home loh :D

eat eat eat eat eat
now i'm amazed how i makan so much food in such a short period of time.
I ate more actually, but I didn't post everything up :P

kekeke.. next time remember to pay this place a visit ;)

actually we ate more than these leh.. got lotsa photo that i didn't post up
kia si lang hoh?
can eat so much :P

Anonymous said...

Kena gastric already... how ah?

Anonymous said...

Oi, how come I didn't know about this place, or this dish wan?!!! *fatt pei hei ~ fatt hiao time* Don't care, July 14th, we come here too, ok?

izchan said...

Cool ... I actually know that place ... :P

Anonymous said...

my goodness!!!

wah lately so many food posts ah?! aiyo~ so delicious lo those buns and curry!

long time din go ipoh dy~ last yr went there to attend my aunt's wedding. we din tour around since we only made a short stop there. my grandma used to bring me there to stay at her sis home when i was a kid. ah~ old memories! :)

Anonymous said...

fainted *too hungry already*, ipoh is food of heaven....

ah nel said...

wil grow veli fat wan after eat it.... :P

Simple American said...

That looks good. Need some of that here tonight as it will freeze outside.

Pink Cotton said...


kuching also have thsi bun boh!!!!!!!

hehehe...later i show u the pic ah..should b smaller la but still not bad...and the best thing is ..its only RM4.50!!


wahlau eh ..hwo come ipoh got so many things to eat wan

mistipurple said...

good good, food is 'fu'. (luck)
happy eating! more more more!!
i'm soooo hungriliu this morning. *find food* *wish had karibun*

Anonymous said...

Aiyo Chen U just posted the bun tat I hv not eaten but has mentioned about it just last wed.. Saying tat regret din go and hv tat bun becoz no time and too many things to eat at the same time... Aiyooo I wan one leh... Okie never mind I will try to make one myself heree... errrr but I dun know how to bake the bread wor!! How ah???

papercrazy said...

So creative,
so delicious,
so interesting,
so clever,
so nicely wrapped,
so gigantic
so so so so so
so hungry

carcar said...

si kui chen (talk like a^ben) hehe... post so yummy food ! but is it yummy leh? hahaha...

photo can tell a lie sometimes thou, hahaha...

how many days were u in ipoh? so many series havent finish yet?

remember yr taiping zoo? finish jor mei?

JL said...

they've bribed u with 1 year free unlimited Kampar Kari Kai Bun for the review kan ;P

Anonymous said...

ah..curry and bread..
real classic memories..

Chen said...

how about chewing two tablets of gelusil or drink magnesium trisilicate aka MMT?

Now u know mah.. Still not too late :P
Wah.. fatt pei hei I know lah..
Fatt hiao time too? Kkakkaaa… lidat also can?

Wah… going ipoh on 14th July too ah after the longkang laksa date?
Will be drown with food then…

Great :D This place is a bit out of the way compared to the others makan places :)

Got lotsa other cheong hei long winded posts too tat will made ppl zzzz..
Good to read when u have insomnia :P

I went to Ipoh plentiful times too, but didn’t savour the nice dishes in the past..
Cos dunno where are the places mah..
Now with internet, easy to google & do research what to eat loh…

Chen said...

sin ling,
bring out skunkie..
tat is our method to revive “fainted” people in blogsphere :P

ah nel,
Really ah? So scary meh?
I sked liao…

So cold ah?
Might be can cook some “hot” stuff with the 2 alarm chilli kit :D
Curious how hot issit…. Soon, I will cook the stuff soon :)

pink cotton,
Kuching one different mah…
Hhahhaa.. This bun very gigantic leh..
Tua Tua liap wan..
Should put a 10 cent coin next to it as comparison of it’s gigantic size :P

So… next coming trip… to Ipoh? :P

Chen said...

give misti kari moo moo bun :P
oops… u eat moo moo meat or not?
Sked u dun eat & then I “tersilap” give u pulak..
No good mah if like tat, give u something tat u cannot eat… :P

I also dunno how to bake the bread woh..
Wanna help but no capabilities to help, so cham hoh?
Might be can take the easy way out..
Which is? None other than … buy from bakeries :P
Put this in the list of thing to makan during your next trip back home ;)

luckily u didn’t say so the kua cheong..
I’m so so so so so hungry too leh……………
I wanna eat kari kai bun :(

Chen said...

sikui carcar (errr…. I also always greet people with “sikui” leh, especially ah ben :P)
yummy food is yummy food mah…
if yummy picture then different setoli loh :P
Photos at time can be deceiving, right?

How many days ah? Less than 27 hours actually…
But surprisingly can eat so much within such a short duration of time :P
Almost finish liao…

The taiping zoo series ah? Kakaka… u still remember :P
Haven’t done with that yet… Almost abandoned liao with so many happenings in between..
Keekkeke… Might consider to continue tat back later..
I think up to series 13 liao or sumthing lidat?
Must check :P

I hope so, hahahhah
Still wishing to receive that phone call !!! kaakkaka

Classic memories tat tasted differently..
This bun can really soaks the curry :P
High absorption capabilites .. LOL

carcar said...

y u so long winded one?

i mean your taiping and ipoh series :P

eh im gonna post curry photo too tonight!

stay tuned!!~

Anonymous said...

my first time here..
you captured ipoh in such a wonderful manner.. kudos~!!
been to this shop before, highly recommended definitely.. ;)

Anonymous said...

do u know Kampar is also famous with was said that all the ipoh lengluis are actually from Kampar. gero gero gero~

mistipurple said...

i everything oso eat. moo moo but not chen chen. :P
lamb meat onli i watch becos cholesterol too high. but satay kambeng best neh! sweet. people teach me satay must eat kambeng. they are so right.

Chen said...

sometimes cheong hei sometimes dune hei lah.. not all the time cheong hei wan :P

Curry photo tonight ah?
Great :D
I had chee cheung chuk & 2 BBQ honey chicken wings for dinner. Bought chee cheung fun back home (might be late night supper kua) :P

Thanks. Glad u enjoy your stay here :)

Hahahha, only famous for lenglui meh? How about lengchai? LOL

Phew.... I scared u might wanna eat chen chen too.. hak sei ngor

Satay Kambing ah? I ate before leh... beef, mutton, chicken, pork, fish, ostrich, intestine satay I sapu before... I don't like fish satay... Tat will be the first & last time I tasted fish satay.. kekkee

King's wife said...

I havent tried before, but the bun looks damn good.

mistipurple said...

wah you adventurous. fish satay got oso ah? anyway i scared fish bone. my throat stuck few times. doctor take out with tweezers (for want of a better word), and asked me not to eat fish next time. he oso take out until he scared. happened few times. hahahaa.

Chen said...

only the bun looks damn good ah?
not the curry?

*forget to tapao the extra bun back for Ah Boy leh...*
so wasteful liao :P

yeah, I tried the Hj Samuri Fish Satay... Got bones wan.. that's why I dun like :P

must be careful leh when eating fish.. especially fishes with forking bones or Y-shape bones wan.. Scary. I prefer eating boneless fish (if available lah... hehehe)

Misti so frequent get choked by fish bones ah? So ko lian.. must say No-no to fish liao.. :P

Forget to mention I tried rabbit satay tim...

Simple American said...

I don't think it will bother a Malaysian palatte. Taste and cook la. That is how Texans do it.

Drop in ingredient. Stir. Taste. Judge.
Drop in ingredient. Stir. Taste. Judge.
Continue until you judge it is wonderful. :)

dino said...

this shop very near my hosue, pass by everyday working day... :p

Anonymous said...

look deli, i wan to try... KL go Ipoh take a long time or not? hehehe

Bernard said...

This is really good. I like the way it's hot from the oven. Smells great.

Chen said...

I dun have any ingredients to cook with at the moment.. haven't do my marketing yet :P
Soon... very very soon ;)
Will update u with my final result :D

wah... u stay nearby there ah?
so song geh :D

approximately 2 hours lidat..
Depends on how fast the driver drives :P

This is indeed a popular dish.
Many people here have tried it liao.
i wanna try the herbal chicken bun :)

Anonymous said...

Eee... where is this shop ah? Pasir Puteh oh... hmm... I seldom go there. Haha.

But I absolutely LOVE the original version from Kampar! Yea!

Chen said...

The Kari Kai Bun should taste the same kua? Since this is a branch from the same restaurant in Kampar? :)