Friday, December 08, 2006

Penang Ferry

Normally I prefer to avoid using the ferry but to use the Penang Bridge coz of the possibilities of the long queue to catch the ferry. I can't remember when is the last time I use the ferry service to go across the island. Mmmm.. might be 4 or 5 years back ??

Penang Ferry Service is one of the oldest ferry service in Malaysia, connecting the Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth (mainland) to Raja Tun Uda ferry terminal at Weld Quay in George Town (Penang Island).

Mmmm... and I have never taken any photos from the ferry in the past.... Since I'm on the ferry, I won't let go the chance to snap-snap. It is interesting to view Penang island from a different point of view.

Passengers coming out from the car to enjoy cool sea breeze. Some prefer to stay and sit inside the cars, but not me :)

KOMTAR - the landmark of Penang Island and the old ferry from afar.

Our "beloved" Penang Bridge..

Looking at the Penang Bridge reminds me of the incident which occured an hour earlier on.

Looking for... jellyfish? Nope, I'm just looking at the water... looking at the waves.. looking at the reflection... Saja-saja :)

The ferry ride gotta end soon....

Colourful ferry heading towards Sultan Abdul Halim ferry terminal in Butterworth...

Another blue ferry leaving Penang Island..

Time to balik kampung. This is an interesting ferry ride (Sounds like I'm a tourist, hahaha)


Anonymous said...

wah...the last time I had my ferry ride when i was 8 yrs old...after that never had the chance oledi...gerori~

may said...

ahh, so these are the photos you took on board the ferry! it's been a very long time since I was on board too. I think 10 years, at least!

L B said...

How long was the ride? How much was the fare? Who were you with? Did you hold hands? Did he/she give you any flowers? Did you go to a hotel later? What time did you finish? Where did you have dinner that evening? Was it good? Were you satisfied? How much was the meal? Did you have to bungkus anything? For me?

a^ben said...

used to see itu ferry dalam geography text books` hahahaha :D

carcar said...

i always walk walk see see snap snap here in singapore, well im living here but looks like a tourist too, hehehe....

i have many ferry experiences...

pangkor, tioman, from labuan to brunei...from singapore to bintan...

Anonymous said...

I hv used the old ferry and liked it.

Anonymous said...

why u never bring Ah Boy to ferry geh? Ah Boy wanna follow. :(

Chen said...

8 years old ah?
sekarang adik umur berapa? :D
that should be 10-20 years ago? ;)

yeah yeah yeah..
These are the photos I took last weekend. So fast time flies... It seems like I just met u yesterday but that was 1 week ago liao. Next time if u come to Penang again, we will take a ride on the ferry :)

Wah.. why u so chiong hei hei geh? Ask so many questions...
*15 minutes gua? didn't look at my watch cos I don't have watch
*I was alone leh.. I sent Maymay back to Seberang Jaya earlier on mah, and then drive around a while before ending up in Butterworth Ferry Terminal :D
*I hold hands with my camera :D
*Camera can't give ppl flower leh..
*I balik rumah after that..
*Finish apa? Finish tidur ah? :P
*Had dinner in father in law's house tat evening
*Lupa what I makan liao :D
*Satisfied, of coz
*FOC woh.. FIL prepared wan mah
*No bungkus for u, cos u too cheong hei, ask so many Q :D

kakkaka.. liuliu or not the answer?

Chen said...

Sarawak also has ferry mah..
but the ferry in Sarawak kecik punya, not like the one here :P

It is good to be tourists hoh?
My ferry experiences include Penang, Langkawi, Tioman and several short ferry trips in Sarawak, and not forgetting the cheat ferry ride I had not long ago in Brunei/Sarawak :D

Taking the ferry ride is more relaxing then driving across the Penang Bridge :)

ah boy,
Aiyoh, Ah Boy wanna ferry ride too ah? Ah Boy experienced liao mah the Penang Bridge ride :) See loh next time... (provided I remember lah.. no promise :P )

mistipurple said...

loctor you sea sick type or not huh? this type ride is okay, but those type swaying here and there.. *pengsan*

Chen said...

LOL.. why suddenly ask me whether I have sea sick ah? Used to have sea sick during my childhood days. Nowadays.. dunno ah.. Haven't experience it for several years liao.. Well, can always pop in one tablet of Cinnarazine prior to the ride in rough sea :D

mistipurple said...

heh. i see so much water and water bubbles in your picture, then i think think lor. :P
Cinnarazine ah, i must ask my loctor. i used to have to take serc plus stemetil everyday. liuliu hor? now heng no need oredy. :PPPP

Simple American said...

I feel like a tourist too. :)

Anonymous said...

Ferry is more expensive than taking the bridge right??

We also seldom take the ferry when we go to Penang island. Because have to wait long, long time.

Maybe in a few years' time you can go on the ferry again. To take photo of the Second Penang Bridge. Hehe.

angel said...

oi! why u notchet sleep?? still mabuk laut arr?? kakaka!!!

angel said...

last time punya ferry only got yellow karer, now got brue wan too???

my fav. were pulau kapas, pulau angsa, pulau rimau... used to hate pulau talang-talang and pulau rawa... old ferries! kekeke...

Selba said...

Niceeee.... I wanna try it someday :)

mistipurple said...

*prays miracle Loctor Chen comes to singapore christmas time*

ok ok no pressure lah. can wish lah hor? *close eyes pray somemore* :P

ok ok ok i don't pressure you. know you cannot. just know you will be missed terribly lah.

Chen said...

the ferry is very stable..
no shaking or swinging or swaying or whatever :D
U have tinnitus problem in the past ah?
I use Cinnarazine as prophylaxis for motion sickness if I anticipate rough sea ride :) Mmmm.. it's time for me to top up my stock again :D

It's good to feel like tourists..
which place u wanna visit after the ferry ride? ;)

The toll fee for Penang Bridge is RM 7, so ferry ride is 70 cents more expensive :) Tourists should take a ride on ferry since they can enjoy the scenery of Penang, and not so for Penangites or those who frequent Penang, unless those who live nearby the ferry terminal :D

The second Penang Bridge ah? Dunno have to wait for how long.. Might be another decade? :P

Chen said...

why I notchet sleep ah?
Last few nights sleep so early, so yesterday night must compensate to sleep late !! (What an excuse hoh? ) Kakakka.. U also haven't sleep mah :P

Now ferries got all sort of colour liao.. yellow, blue, green, red and those multi colour ferries (combination of few colours) and if I didn't remember wrongly, I think there is pink ferries too !!

Wah.. U can remember all the names of the ferries ah? Keng lah u :P
The ferries I took is the old ferry - Pulau Rawa :P

Yeah, u definitely should try the ferry ride if u come to Penang ;)

Can, can always wish & pray..
Mana tau your pray will be answered? :P I can't join them all lah to visit Singapore.. Cos I have some other programmes. Might be I will pay a visit to Singapore some other time? ;)

mistipurple said...

last time my ear balance terok. no ringing ear, but now sudah tua, gigi nya tinggal dua (hahaha couldn't resist saying that!) so, my ear got ringing and singing jingle bells ginger bells, and no need tablets oredy! hahahaa

i know Loctor not free lah to come, i pressing luck. so rude of me. *piak myself with overnight sotong*
see you next time lah, never mind. we can always keep in touch here. :)

Anonymous said...

Adik skrg berumur 25 tahun...tahun depan masuk 26...agak tua jugak la...
gero gero gero~

a^ben said...

the one going over from sarikei to sibu no more lor~ now become a bridge liaw heheheh :D

Mr.Goober said...

indeed. you do sound like a tourist ;P

water looks clear though. slurp...**

Chen said...

wah.. misti mana ada tua woh?
u really very kuo chiong liao :)
gigi tinggal dua?
u singing burung kakak tua song ah?

I can't join u all cos I'm going somewhere else after Christmas :P

baru 25 tahun sudah cakap tua?
Sincer I'm older then u, that means I lagi tua liao?
no no no..
25 still young :D

yeah, I heard about it..
sudah obsolete liao :)
Bridge is better, can avoid the long wait for the ferry during festive seasons.. My uncle once waited for 5 hours just to go across the river.
Siao hoh?

Eeee.. U wanna drink the water ah?
I belanja u minum mineral water instead lah..

mistipurple said...

Loctor!!!! i lap liu!!! neber meant to pressure liu!!!! i onli thinking having big big partay if you and LB and the rest can come!! :PPPP

Anonymous said...

I once used the ferry during peak hours because the bridge was jammed pack.
I thought I was the only smart aleck around. :(

Anonymous said...

despite the fact I'm young by I'm old as in experience and life...cos probably becos i started working since age of 13...

Anonymous said...

Wah chen, i love all those picture, i love penang, did you titanic with someone special on the ferry? if we ride ferry at night then i guess we will be freezed there...

ah nel said...

ehhh...the brue ferry ekzos so tall wan?

Kenny Ng said...

Everytime I use ferry, it reminds me the tragedy late 80's. Now days we don't need to wait so long for a ferry because less people using it now days.

Chen said...

Thank liu for lap me :D
hehehe, even though I'm not around, u still can have big big party mah..
Angeliu, Winnliu, Mayliu, Carcarliu & SK is around mah.. Enough people to have party liao :D

I wanna join too.. but too bad I can't join u all :(

Kenny says nowadays the waiting time is shorter already.. That day when I took the ferry, I managed to get into the 4th lane, and managed to board into the 2nd ferry, but that was on Sunday morning :)

Hah? U started working at the age of 13? Full time working or work temporary wan? Counting.. U have working experience of "12" years oledi?

Chen said...

sin ling,
U have been staying in Penang all these while? (except u r now in SP)
Doing Titanic?
Hhahaha.. I'm too old for that liao :P Furthermore, it is not a good idea to do titanic on a ferry..
Ferry ride at night shouldn't be that cold :)

ah nel,
Itu blue ferry punya ekzos ialah special punya "ekzos".. Lain ferry tarak wan.. Itu ekzos specially made wan.. looks like Komtar hoh the ekzos? :P

The tragedy that occured in the Butterworth terminal in the late 80's which killed 30+ people :(

Yeah, that morning when I took the ferry back, I didn't have to wait that long too.. Manage to drive to the 4th waiting lane and boarded on the 2nd ferry :) But still.. driving on the Penang Bridge is faster :P

Anonymous said...

let just say since the age of 13, i've been working from the easiest to the most toughest job there is...every year until today...too much of experience indeed...

Chen said...

at the age of 13 years old, most of us are still busy studying or playing around, and yet u started working (whatever job it is), but still u started working already... :)

nyonyapenang said...

i used the ferry on my last 2 visits and i enjoyed it very much. but why ah, they go and paint the macam-macam mia colors on the ferries?

Chen said...

nyonya pg,
might be they think the ferries look more attractive kua with the colourful paint? :P

padi_friends said...

My uncle's leg was broken in that tragedy too, a painful look back.

Chen said...

padi friends,
sorry to hear that..
that incident caused phobia to many regarding ferry rides :(

_butt said...

Interesting! I've never been to Penang before *sua ku* so how long it takes for the ferry ride?

Chen said...

wah... u stay so near Penang yet never step your foot to the Pearl of the Orient ah? :P
come come lah..
how long ah?
around 15 minutes or 20 minutes kua..
never look at the time leh..
agak-agak lidat :P

_butt said...

Aiks, I didn't tell you I'm from kl? :P

Chen said...

i know u r from KL
KL is so nearby Penang..
few hours drive can reach liao :)
manyak orang KL pergi Penang makan-makan on weekends leh..
pssss... tomolo i pergi KL :P