Sunday, November 12, 2006

Durian Ball Snacks

On our way too Sabah last month, we stopped by one of the petrol station in Limbang, Sarawak. While waiting for the petrol tank to filled up, I went inside the convenient store to buy some bottled drinks and snacks. And I noticed the small handy packets of durian flavoured ball like snacks on the rack !! Gosh, I haven't have this for ages. I think the last time I have the snack was during my primary school time. Surprisingly, it is still sold at the same price, 20 cents per packet. Reminiscing the past and the junk food that we used to consume during our childhood days, I can't resist but to buy few packets :)


sengkor said...

the durian taste like real durian kind of durian or fake durian kind of durian or soso duriab kind of durian?

may said...

yea, I remember these. tasted just a tad like durian but then hor, just doesn't quite cut it. now that I think back on the taste, it's kinda ewwww... LOL!! how did I ever indulge in those in the first place?! I'd much prefer the original fruit any time!

Cynthia said...

durian popcorn???

angel said...

got ah? can't recall having eaten that before... but sure nice... liulian maa... :D

i now hv liulian potong aiskrim in my fridge... and also some liulian puff :)

mistipurple said...

so nice! i want!!!

Winn said...

i used to love this snack!

haha..i remmeber they were selling this for 20sens a pack

Chen said...

mmmm... it's sort of in between the fake durian and soso kind of durian.. hahhaa...

last time hoh, during our childhood time, we didn't have much selection. So we sapu almost every bit of junk food, and everything tasted so heavenly, including the kandos kiddies choc. The exception is ding dang & Tora choc balls. That one is yucky :P But that was during my bro's time. My time no ding dang nor tora yet :)

Hehhehe.. during those days, i dunno the existence of popcorn :P
Nope... not popcorn.
This one is just like the other keropok.
Remember Chickadees? :P

Chen said...

aiyak, u r durian lover woh...
how come u missed out this snack during your childhood time? ;)
Might be during those days, u didn't like durian? LOL

I hope I will remember to buy durian tau sar pneah for u if I go to KL :P

Misti ate this too in the past? :)
Singapore also ada junk food macam ni? :P

Used to like? hehhehe..
our taste buds change with time ;)

U remember the Mimi snacks?
With a cat (looks like the ciplak Garfield but it's not Garfield) playing guitar in front of the orange-coloured packet sold at 10 cents per packet. That one was once my favourite too. It is still available in the market :)

Mr.Goober said...

durian durian..i love to eat durians but when it comes into a form of kuih or keropoks..

face turns green..jumps back to soil
shouting "they just ain't the same!"

Anonymous said...

hmmmm i wan real durian.

chen chen chen, u eat all??? how many packets u buy??? 'x'

Anonymous said...

I had this before. It is nice. But I don't know where to get it.

Chen said...

The original durian is still the best.
I tried the vacuum freezed crispy dried durian during my visit to Hatyai but it just doesn't taste as great as the "real" one. Of course if the real one is not available, then the substitute can do also lah..

red sponge,
i want real durian too..
but none cos now is not durian season..

redsponge redsponge redsponge,
habis makan liao..
i bought few small packets of different flavoured snacks (campur-campur mah..) - durian flavour, chicken flavour, sotong flavour etc.. forget oledi what are the others :P

day dreamer,
Bought from one of the grocery shops? The old fashioned grocery shops I presume? Or from the roti man moving around on motorbike? :P

King's wife said...

I've never had before. Why so jakun ah?
Anyway, looks like tau-fu-pok.

Anonymous said...

I am driving up to Penang after my exams and we go makan makan :D

Chen said...

might be.. cos u didn't like junk food in the past? :P

okie, sure... we go ronda-ronda, take photo and makan :D
When are u coming? :)
I'm not free this coming Saturday, cos I have a course to attend but the subsequent weekends I'm free.

nyonyapenang said...

i oso anoder suakoo. neber seen dis type of snack before.

Pink Cotton said...

u like this snack ah?

the taste very 'fake' durian taste AT ALL ..muahaahah

carcar said...


Chen said...

u also neber see it before ah?
neber mind, at least u see it now :D

pink cotton,
I only like this snack when I was small time..
I should put it this way..
I "used to" like this snack in the past :P
hehehe.. childhood time, everything also delicious mah..
summore, nothing much available during those days :)

yeah, 榴槤 :D

mistipurple said...

sure sure, i'm sure singapura got many junk food oso. i can't remember much though. i think think can only think of the giant long keropok that came out of a tin can that the mamak man sell on a bicycle. hahahaah i so love to confuse you all the time!!!

mistipurple said...

ROFL!!! i re-read what i wrote. buay tahan, and nope i am going to leave it as such!! hahahaaahaha

Chen said...

wah.. u really make me pening kaw kaw. Apa tu giant long keropok that came out of a tin???
Damn confusing !!
I cracked my head also cannot figure out what issit :P

must piak u with Sotong :P

mistipurple said...

LOL!!!! i giggled and laughed again! it's that long long big big keropok lah. it's so big they have to house them in a long .... *am i doing it again* confusing you? hahahahaa

mistipurple said...

ok, i will try again....
the 'now version' of that long long keropok is the 'lobster keropok' in long big plastic bags. those that they hang together by the string!!!!! hahahhahahahaha. i am so gonna stop attempting now!!

this must be a result of all the brain juice used in the day!!! left nothing at night chor.

L B said...

Didn't you realise that those 20cts packs were from those days?!!!

*DAMMIT! *kicks Chen's broken RSS...*

mistipurple said...

*calms LB down... with a piece of lobster keropok*

VampireM said...

ooo... i ate those in uni at Malacca... if it's sold in mlk, it should be sold in Pg as well... hehe...

Chen said...

Cheh… cakaplah early it’s like the lobster keropok lah..
Kakaka… safe all the trouble guessing & explaining then :P

last time when I small time, I never see such long long big big keropok mah..
The keropok I have are those not long long, not big big sort of keropok :P
Wat a complicated way to mention the normal sized keropok hoh?
What to do? Learn those confusing description from u :P

I mean we fried our own keropok or crackers..
So what I ate in the past was those “normal” keropok

u mean the packs were from the 80’s ?????
quickly zoom the photo to check for the expiry date..

Might be the RSS when tidur?
RSS also needs to rest, just like human :P

he needs 3 pieces of lobster keropok.
I want some too :D

Might be the roti man will have those snack. Anyway I used to like those snacks in the past but not now :)

velverse said...

Haha.. oh yeah.. I still remember those.. when the uncle riding bicycle and sell those snacks at school~

Kenny Ng said...

Oh... liu lian!!! I love liu lian so much. How come got ball somemore? Can kick 1 ah? :P

L B said...

Perhaps 70's!! Did you zoom properly? Did you see Sell By January 1977?

mistipurple said...

hahaha. i think i do that more often with you. perhaps its because i think you got big brain, so even if i sound ultra confusing, you will surely git it. :D

Anonymous said...

Aiyoooo....i wan the sotong flavour

Chen said...

previously there is no uncle selling snacks in my place (staying in small town). I bought those snacks from the grocery shops nearby my house (within walking distance) :)

luckily it's just ball, and not limbs :P

The ball not only can be eaten but can be played with, can be bitten, can be licked, can be swallowed, can be kicked and can be dumped inside rubbish bin too !!! LOL

Multipurpose ball :P

aiseh... putting on my spect,
zoom in again with 102.46% zoom
adjusting spect
take deep breath...
luckily it's 2007 :P

Chen said...

I don't have big brain :(
big brain = sounds like hydrocephalus only,
choy choy choy...
I have normal sized head & normal sized brain :D
in proportion... ;)

let's see what other confusing stuff u will come up with :D

red sponge,
wah.. i dunno u love sotong too :)
welcome to the Sotong Club :D
I will post up one chu bee sotong related stuff soon ;)
stay tuned....

Mr.Goober said...

hah..vacum freezed??
i never seen one of roti leh :P well, gimme a real durian anytime :P i'll eat till nose bleed

mistipurple said...

choy choy choy for you oso! i meant clever brain. ah yoooo. *piak myself*
suddenly thinking chee cheong fun.. hehe. confusing you again..

Chen said...

it's light and it's dry!!
definitely won't mess your fingers unlike when u eat the fresh durians :P So u won't have the chance to lick your fingers if the durians are finger licking good !!

Wah.. Last time u eat mooncake till stomachache, this time u wanna eat durian till nose bleed?

*No eye see* :P

help Misti to piak herself..
providing Misti a big sotong as piak-king tool to piak herself

Suddenly think of chee cheong fun?
u want me to post chee cheong fun post tonight?
I have taken shots of chee cheong fun not long ago leh.. :P
Let u lao hao sui while looking at the picture. LOL

psss... don't lick the monitor screen, okie? ;)

L B said...

Gimme CCF!!!! & LMK!!!

Chen said...

give u liao your CCF (not congestive cardiac failure, okie?)

Simple American said...

So what does it taste like?

Chen said...

dunno how to describe...
similar to the corn snacks :D