Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My Weblog First Birthday ...

How time flies... without realising, my blog is one-year-old already - Celebrating the 1st Birthday on 25 April 2006. This is my 386th posts.. I didn't realise I have written so many posts in the past one year. I started blogging end of April last year after some chit chat sessions with friends on yahoo messenger. (Just for fun initially) but somehow it now becomes a past time favourite.

My first blog was another blog - chen99.blogspot.com, started on 24 April 2005.. I told my friend about that after I posted the 1st post on that blog while we were chatting on yahoo messenger. He asked me "How come u put "chen99"? 99 years old ah? So old liao..". Hahha, I ponder about that for a while and then changed my blog to another domain name the next day, and finally chen22.blogspot.com was born on 25 April 2005.. Nope, I'm not 22 years old. This figure 22 has a special meaning to me. U don't have to guess cos u won't be able to guess the real meaning behind it. So far, I only told one blogger how that figure 22 come about, and what is the meaning behind it. You know who you are, right? Keep that to yourself, thanks ;)

At first, I wrote some craps and light topics in my weblog. I didn't include in any pictures or photos in the first two months. But, since a picture means a thousand word, and as time goes, I included in more and more photos in each post.

I started reading weblogs ways back in 2003 but never thought (plus lazy as well) of starting one.. Most of the time, I was just a "silent" reader. Some of the blogs that I read initially are CooknEngr and Fish Fish's blogs. I still remember going to CooknEngr's new house in Kuching during Chinese New Year in 2004. He invited me over for tiramisu cake (yeah!). The tiramisu cake was superb. Met Fish Fish for the first time over there. I still remember Fish Fish asking me whether I have a blog or not. My answer at that time was.. Nope. Things changed with time......

Throughout these period of time, I get to know quite a number of friends from weblogs. You know who you are as well.. Too many names for me to mention here :)

Any birthday cake for this special occasion? Of course...
(Btw, my old blog chen99.blogspot.com is still around..coated with dust and cobwebs... there's only one post inside there. And that was my initial template)


shookmeallnightlong said...

cesh!! wanna flaunt you got lots of post lah? more than 300 in a year? chet!! show off!



kidding lah!!

happy ermm.. birthday blog!!!!!!

Selba said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Chen's Weblog... Wish you a long maintaining life by your owner... more beautiful, attractive, funny, interesting pictures/stories and more visitors!!!

Kristopher said...

Happy 1st birthday for Chen's weblog... :)
how come i didn't get a piece of the cake? just kidding... :)

sbanboy said...

Happy First Birthday to chen22.blogspot ... hehe .... wah more than 300 post !!!! Cool ... keep up the good work :)

Omni said...

Happy blogiversary!! :-)

Winn said...

Happy Birthday to Chen's blog!
one year older oredi worrrrr! haha.

cooknengr said...

What's up Doc, Happy birthday, are those Rosemary sprigs on the birthday cake ? ..That's a First!

may said...

Happy Blogiversary!
*throws confetti in the air*

doraemon said...

happy birthday to your blog..

Jee said...

Happy b'day.. whatever :p

jonboy60 said...

congrat*** happie blog'day

Jane said...

Happy First Birthday to your blog!!

Robin said...

must sing birdday song??

Glad you are one year old and still kicking..

FH2O said...


Hmmm wonder if I'll still be blogging as prolificly as you when I become one year old also! heehee ;)

Still waiting for your song!

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday to chen22.blogspot.com!!

Keep up with the good work!!

I eat more cakes for you.. ok?


Chen said...

ahhaha... bro, since when u become so "sensitive" woh..
ekkekke.. i know u r kidding lah..
and i know what u gonna blog in the next couple of weeks..
Bola.. world cup fever liao :)
apa lagi besides your favourite futsal?

so many nice wishes.. thank u very muchie :D

aiks.. cos u are too far away.. want to give u one piece also cannot lah... :P

u can do that too.. after your exam loh :)

thanks :)

Chen said...

yeah.. one year old oledi..
sudah tumbuh gigi,
sudah boleh jalan,
hahaha :P
(oops, what am i talking here? :P )

Thanks :) Sorry woh, i dunno regarding the Rosemary sprigs thingy..

may, doraemon, jee, jonboy & jane,
Thanks for your wishes :)

Chen said...

no need bird-day song lah.. cos nobody singing.. but if u offer to sing, then I will appreciate it very much :D Thank u :)

Not only kicking, but running around as well ;)

Thanks.. err? Who is singing the song now? Me? no lah.. I'm waiting for someone to sing the song, and u r mostly welcomed to sing :D

Your "one year old" is coming soon too :)

Thanks.. hehhee... ok. not only that, u can eat more cake, and more durian, more penang assam laksa for me too ;)

a^ben said...

Happy birthday to you~~ happy birthday to you~~~ happy birthday to Chen's Blog~~~~~~~~ Happie burfday toooooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~ *throws confetti~* :P~

Chen said...

Thanks for the nice birthday song, Ben... The great musician finally opens his mouth & sing :D


Sharl612 said...

Happy Birthday.. Wah! You actually bought cake for the blog one year anniversary! You are truly a good owner - to Ah boy and also the blog!;)

Chen said...

thanks, but oops... I didn't buy a cake specially for this lah.. Just a "virtual" cake only :D Sorry for the misunderstanding huh...

But I'm definitely good to Ah Boy, that one no doubt, hahah.

fred said...

happy 1 year old.... dear bloggy...

carcar said...

Happie 1st BDay for chen22.blogspot.com!!! i love your blog and i love you too~~*


Chen said...

hey, welcome back.. Thanks for your wishes... I just found out that your blog is one year old too less than 2 weeks ago :)

thanks, thanks....

oops.. later on, I cannot sleep tonight then susah :P never mind, if cannot sleep then I can disturb u tonight :D

slurp! said...

ahem .. *clears throat*
Happy Blogday to you
Happy Blogday to you
Happy Rambling Chen22
Another year of ramblings coming soon :D

Thao said...

Congrats, Chen ;-)

Wish I could share your cake though, it looks delicous and beautiful, too

Alicia said...

happy b'day to chen's blog xD.. buden the chen99.. 1 post nia :/

IML said...

Congratulation. In just one short year you have gotten yourself a huge following. Keep it up!!!

Chen said...

Hahha, nice song :) I like that.. Thank u very much..

oh.. that's just a "virtual" cake. For display only :D

Thanks :) That's the "one & only" post :)

Thanks :) One year is not short though, if put it this way.. 52 weeks or 365 days ;)

Daniel Yiek said...

Happie Bday Bloggie. Blogging can be a chore if the week is really busy and you need to keep the readers updated. Enjoy while u can

Chen said...

thanks :)