Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kay El, oops.. should be KL

I'll be heading to KL soon (this coming Thursday) to attend the Regional Conference on Occupational Health in Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 7th till 9th April 2006. We participate in the poster presentations & exhibition. My colleague is the main presenter for the poster presentation. There are booths for exhibition as well. Feel free to drop by if you have nothing better to do are free :)


Tibbar de Gniw said...

Arrgh!!!! Thursday!!!! *faints* ^^

A Fellow Traveler said...

crown plaza mutiara hotel??? where's tht?

if i knw how 2 get there, i bring u some famous kl bak kua for makan makan ya :)

errr my direction in kl is very poor la, moreover missing gps chip, susah nya hehehe

c u ......

a^ben said...

oh no~ i mistyped ur add.. chen33?? hahaha~ gosh.. Enjoy ur trip~~

Robin said...

A^ben, chen is forever 22, whereas I am forever 33, robin33 mah..

u better not leave your room number here or else people will call u in the middle of the night.

fooDcrazEE said...

cant make it...wanna come up to Genting ? mail me then.

A fellow traveller - crowne plaza is ex Hilton KL in Sultan Ismail. Walking distance from Sg Wang

Selba said...

whoaaaaa.. how niceeee... don't forget to snap a lot pics! :)

Chen said...

Thursday reminds u of "something"? :P
yeah, I know..
public speaking !!
All the best & good luck :)

kekeke... the hotel is located in Jalan Sultan Ismail, nearby Bintang Walk :)

hahaa.. at least now u get it right ;)

Chen said...

robin, hahaha.. this is a good one :D
I won't post my room number or handphone number or whatever number openly here, don't worry :P

No time to go to Genting lah.. might be next time :)

See how are things :)

Loong said...

Hey Doc have fun shopping ... uhh ... I mean attending the conference.

carcar said...

your colleague is the main presenter for the poster presentation...so what are you doing then?



sneak back again, a fellow traveler, the hotel is near to kay-el central area, is in the middle of the city, tonnes of shopping and food! our golden triangle!

slurp! said...

All the best to your shopping spree :D

Chen said...

shopping ah? Better take photos leh than shopping ;) Oops... should be paying attention to the conference..

what am I doing there? Pay a visit there & find out the answer ;)

hahaha.. I guess I will indulge myself with some other activities ;)

A Fellow Traveler said...

i turned the map 360 degree n still cannot figure out how 2 drive there *sigh*

will try to ask around for the direction (thanks foodcrazee, carcar :) though still clueless leh)

how time the exhibition ar?

oh gosh, how can i forget i love oh chen (tar pau some frm penang ya)!! hehehe

agus said...

Wah, I can walk there in 10 minutes from work! OK, see you there.

Chen said...

fellow traveler,
Hahah... if cannot figure out, then never mind loh :D The exhibition is during day time but I don't have the specific time yet :)

Ta pau food from Penang? There is a high possibility that I will consume the food on my way to KL :P How to resist nice food? ;)

Cool.. I presume u work nearby KLCC area. I have emailed u my contact number :) See u then :)

A Fellow Traveler said...

aiks, only email agus ur hp no.; wht about me?????? kesian saya ini....after i get all the directions frm people n i cannot find u pulak...habis penat saya hehehe :)

oh chen, oh chen, where r u? i miss u! missing u long time alrdy lah...........

*i like mine with extra big oysters*


Chen said...

fellow traveler,
Err... cos u didn't ask earlier on mah..

u've got mail..
oops, should be u've got "e-mail" :)

A Fellow Traveler said...

sudah terima. terima kasih manyak manyak.

m ok for sat. wht time convenience 4 u? wan 2 go makan makan or not?

Alicia said...

o.O thursday.. oo..

can i go stalk ya?

Chen said...

fellow traveler,
I need to confirm first, will let u know later on ;)

alicia wants to stalk? U r mostly welcomed.. :D

Sharl612 said...

Crowne is so close to my office. Can send me your number?

Chen said...

oh, that's cool.
u've got mail :)