Monday, March 27, 2006

Laksa Janggus, Balik Pulau

While driving along Kampung Perlis in Balik Pulau, we noticed the Laksa Janggus stall (Malay Laksa). There were a large congregation of cars outside the stall. So, I guess the laksa must be good. Everything is "self service" inside this laksa stall in the kampung/village, so, their business must be good. The "Layan Diri" (self service) signboards are seen everywhere inside the premise.

The laksa comes in two servings - normal serving and small serving. The normal servings is RM 1.80 per bowl (Cheap affordable, right?) whilst the small bowl costs RM 1.00 (for kids). One can opt just for the laksa soup only (sold at RM 1.00). Take-away is available as well.

Peaceful village. I like the scene of coconut trees along the road. Looks very 'kampung' :)

Laksa Janggus.

As I was hungry and anxious about how this laksa tasted like, so I just simply shoot one picture. Sorry for the poor picture quality :) The taste... "lemak" taste, not bad.. The laksa soup was not hot enough. It will definitely taste nicer/better if the soup is pipping hot.

Ais Kacang, a delicious concoction..


Alicia said...

is that fish egg on top of the laksa? xD

Robin said...

Did u mean chilli hot or temperature hot?

If the laksa is served cold... how is your stomach today har?

Lomotil or Imodium ?

Chen said...

I wish that was fish egg ...
I really wish :D

temperature hot. Laksa is only nice (to me) when it is served pipping hot :D

Don't worry, I won't get gastroenteritis so easily.. And the laksa is not served cold, just that "not hot enough" :D

Kristopher said...

the laksa look like tom yam soup to me... :)

FH2O said...

Hungry liaow!

Wished I was there! I am always adventuros when it comes to food!

PhotoCrazy said...

What loud eh? Really cheap leh.. where to find such a price on a bowl of laksa..

grace said...

will check out the place in my next trip home.

did u stop by the thai restaurant at the hilltop of balik pulau? another nice place.

Daniel Yiek said...

I like the Ais Kacang better. The laksa looked so miserable (presentation wise)!

Selba said...

That is Laksa? hahaha... First time to this kind of laksa. Tell me, what's the ingredients?

Eeee.... the es kacang got ice cream on the top? whoaaaa... new thing again, hmmm... good idea, next time, gonna try it! :D

Anonymous said...

yummy! how can it be so cheap? how did they manage to cut the cost?

Sharl612 said...

And so this is the Laksa Janggus. The price is really unbelievably "affordable". The Ais Kacang looks more interesting though.

Chen said...

Haha.. tom yam soup? The taste is totally different compared to tom yam :D

I still prefer Penang Assam Laksa than Laksa Janggus :D

I guess.... cos this is inside the village or kampung, that's why can sell at cheaper price ;)

u won't miss that place.. It is located near the junction before the turning to Pulau Betong

Chen said...

The presentation is plain. I forgot to add in the "shrimp paste" to my laksa. That will made the laksa taste nicer ;)

The ingredients ah.. fresh laksa noodle.. Mmmm... Sorrylah, I don't know what are the spices or herbs they use to made the laksa soup :P

Most of our ais kacang here has ice cream on top (but this is optional. The ais kacang is cheaper without the scoop of ice cream)

cos ini kat kampung. Tak perlu bayar sewa kedai :D I guess that's why? :)

They put preserved dried nutmegs inside the ais kacang as well :)

Cynthia said...

i can have 2 BIG BOWLS!!! i love laksa!!!!

Lrong said...

Agree that the soup must be piping hot... otherwise ah, limp...

agus said...

Tried Laksa Agus yet? Heheh...

Chen said...

laksa fan :D
next time when u come to Penang, we can go makan bowls and bowls of laksa :P

Yeah, pipping hot soup make the laksa more tasty and yummy ;)

tell u something..
the first thing that comes to my mind when I see the word "Janggus" is .. "Agus".. cos they both sounds so similiar :P

Laksa Agus? Waiting for our big chef Agus to prepare that special laksa :)

Thao said...

Your pictures made me dream of being on the road again ;-). When I was in Malaysia, I thought that walking on foot is quite frustrating...there are not much access for walking actually...but the foods mmmmmm

Chen said...

walking on foot in Malaysia? that was tiring !! But then, u won't be disappointed :D

babe_kl said...

SALIVATING!!!!! gosh and i'm still here in the opis :(

Chen said...

aiks, u r working "overtime" today? I guess u haven't have your dinner yet. Poor u :(