Saturday, February 04, 2006

First Post @ Dog Year

Just came home early morning today. Reached Penang around 3:15 am in the early morning. I slept most of the time inside the 4 hours plus flight. Although the flight seat is uncomfortable; but... if one is too sleepy and tired, there is no problem falling asleep. Reached home around 4:30 am in the early morning. Went to zzzzzzz.... and woke up not long ago. It is so nice to sleep till I wake up naturally without any disturbances.. I mean no annoying "wake up call" from alarm clock.

Time passed very fast. Today is already CNY Day 7. And I just realised now is February.. I will post more updates and photos in the next few days. Had been shooting thousands shots for the last couple of days :)

** Something wrong with my blogger account - whatever I posted or edited or commented and even drafts that I saved today keep on disappearing... And I can't upload photos. Friends have been telling me that they can't leave comments.. I have no idea what is going wrong. Anyone knows why? Hope it will go back to normal soon. Since I can't post any new posts, so I spent some time changing the template, give my weblog a new look :)


Peace said...

Happy new yr! Seem like yr problem is solved - I can leave comments already. Looking forward to yr new posts soon.

Chen said...

I hope this posting won't "disappear" or vanish into the air again :)

*touch wood*

Desmond said...

Blogger has one of those spells sometimes. Type your article in a notepad so that you just need to do copy and paste, after that is done, I post as 'Draft' and edit from there after which when its final I will publish. It saves a lot of time if Blogger gets into that 'mood'.

Selba said...

was having trouble also to put a comment in here yesterday then this morning couldn't open any until noon.
I think it's already ok now... :)

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

All are here to stay :)

I may be over-reacting but i'm backing up my blog from time to time :p The real New Year for Hokkien is tonight - as we going into the 9th day of CNY.

Happy Chinese New Year again, everyone! :)))

sbanboy said...

Hurray finally can leave comments .... :) welcome back Chen

Jellyfish said...

since when can comment d one..
missed the 1st comment again :P

Chen said...

Really? I dunno about that spell :)
Hope it won't recur again...

Really hope so :)
*pray hard*

@ロウ 。LOW@,
I backup my archive as well :D

yeah.. I can hear firecrackers at the moment.. now is 11:42 pm, few more minutes to midnight :) Hokkien CNY coming soon :)


Cos u busy jogging this morning ;)
Manage to wake up on time or not? :P

Jacky said...

The other day I was having problem to leave a comment on your blog too. Now, looks like everything is back to normal.

Looking forward to your more exciting posts.


Chen said...

yeah.. looks like it is back to normal. I just posted another post not long ago.. More to come in the next few days ;)

Robin said...

where have you been?

Sure will have lots of pics coming soon..

Akan datang!

Chen said...

where have I been?
the answer is out in my latest post - to Sichuan, china & visited few places over there, including the famous Jiuzhaigou :D, and trying out the hot & spicy food there etc etc :P

babe_kl said...

wah so shiok went holiday!!!! hope u had had a great time in tiongkok. anyway wish u and all at home gong xi fa cai!

Chen said...

yeah, we indeed have a great time in China..
thanks :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai to u, Mr Babe & boiboi :)