Friday, January 27, 2006

CNY Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin Oranges... One of the "must have" items during CNY. The golden hue of the fruit is believed to bring good luck. Moreover the Cantonese name for the orange (柑) sounds like gold (金).

I have bought few boxes of lokam (芦柑) and several packets of honey tangerines. We consume them pretty fast. I didn't buy any 朝洲柑 (teochew mandarin oranges) this time, those which comes in wooden crates... The teochew mandarin oranges are rounder with thicker skin texture compared with the lokam.

Ah Boy enjoying his honey tangerine.

My dog loves to eat lokam & honey tangerine. It is easy to feed him tangerine since most tangerines are seedless. And furthermore the honey tangerine is small (the skin is easy to peel as well), so suits him :) Can even give him one whole tangerine, and he will eat in within seconds.

My dog is curious, thinking "What is this? Orange coloured snowman?" Sniff, sniff....

Since the coming CNY is dog year, so my cute doggy is being forced asked to pose together with the "snowman" mandarin oranges (honey tangerine and lokam). Photo shooting session is then followed by "orange eating session" for both the dog and me :)

My dog take this opportunity to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai. Anyone wants to give him angpow ? :D


Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Wow, those eyes in the last pic really 'lum say ngor'!

Sweet as ever!

Happy CNY Chen and family!

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

We have similar fruit in our yard.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Nice doggy! Wag wag wag.

Selba said...

OMG... Ah Boy so sweeeeeeetttt! What a wonderful colour between him and the oranges (black and orange).
I already decided that my office bi-monthly newsletters for next edition will be black and orange :)

Kampungkai said...

hahahha! Orange Snowman, that's really funny! :D

Wey, why the tangerine so freaking big wan? scary la!

Ah Boy is definitely free of skurvi infection hahaha! Perhaps he will have sun-glaring fur after CNY for the high levels of vitC!

Cynthia said...

hahah! cannot give him ang pow..cos havent marry yet! heheh...

Chen said...

furkids in HK,
Ah Boy says "woof" :)
Happy New Year :)

Momo the wonder dog,
so nice... can just pluck the fruit from the tree & eat :)
Gong Xi Fa Cai to u too.

inspiration from Ah Boy & the oranges? :)

Kampung Kai,
Initially I only put one lokam, then I noticed the tangerine oranges..
Then the inspiration of making the snowman comes :)
I purposely choose the bigger sized tangerine so that the snowman won't have a mini head..
hahha.. cos the lokam is the big lokam :D

Ooh... Ah Boy doesn't mind if u give him food instead of angpow :D
He doesn't mind getting Bak Kua instead of angpow ;)

Jellyfish said...


lukam snowman

should put the big one on top, small one below

Chen said...

cannot lah..
big head snowman ah?
then that will become "hydrocephalus" snowman liao.. :D

Sharl612 said...

Cool Lokam Snowman! Happy New Year to both you and Ah Boy.

Wilson said...

gong xi fa chai Doc :) happy new year

Chen said...

Thanks, Happy CNY to u & your family members :)
Enjoy your time back home in Sarawak :)

GOng Xi Gong Xi..
Wish u a prosperous year ahead..
and enjoy your time back home with your family members ;)

tom said...

Thanks for the all those infos about CNY, its quite interesting to me.

Chen said...

u are mostly welcomed :)

Jacky said...

Haha, your dog is cute. He likes to eat lokam & honey tangerine? That's rare :)

JoeC said...

awww, doggie, doggiie.... *faints*

Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni, Happy Chinese New Year Chen, may the year brings bountiful of good luck, fruitful times, health, wealth and fullfilment in your life and your family. Cheers!

Chen said...

Thanks :)
He likes to eat fruits.. His favourite is mango & durian :)

Don't pengsan :)
Gong Xi Gong Xi :D

Alicia said...

hehe happy dog chiang for ur boi xD and my boi :D

Jacky said...

Wahaha, that beats me. Mango and durian!!

David Cheong said...

Nice doggy doggy.. doesn't bite the oranges... but if my friend's dog shin tzu, sure she will bite one.. See she is sleeping face at

Chen said...

Thanks :)
I saw your notti boi wearing new red shirt for CNY..
Very cute ;)

Hahahha... My doggy loves fruit :)
He was jealous when I previously fed my hamsters with mango..

David Cheong,
My doggy will only bite the orange if the orange skin were peeled off..
Cos he knows the skin is bitter :D

Your friend's dog Bowie is cute..
Hope she get well soon from her flu