Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lokam (芦柑)

I went to supermarket (yesterday evening, after work) to shop for groceries, and guess what I see... Lokam (芦柑) or CNY Mandarin oranges :) Guess while everyone is busy preparing for the coming Christmas, CNY lokam (芦柑) or mandarin oranges are seen in the market already. Yeah, yeah.. Chinese New Year coming soon as well.. CNY falls on 29th and 30th January 2006. In 40 days time....

I bought one carton of 永春芦柑 back home. Something special this year ~Besides red wine and turkey etc. , we can have lokam as well during Christmas Eve Dinner :)
My doggy stared at the oranges yesterday night when I opened up the carton. Guess he must be thinking of ~ So many oranges... Can I have one? If I give him one, I will expect him playing with the orange and rolling it around. That is what he did to the Ya Pear I gave him previously. Playing with it first before eating it :) Let's see whether he steals any of the oranges or not, since I left the carton of oranges on the floor. He is free to take one. But most of the time, he is very good boy and he seldom steals.


Jellyfish said...

so fast buy lukam d...

i havent see any CNY deco yet...
they are still with xmas :P

JoeC said...

very early sudah kebas liao! err, there is your doggie! can see see pictures?

@jellyfish, wait la, why rush rush? one at a time.

carcar said...

wow, good idea, to have mandarin oranges along with wine and turkey!

jie jie, how to make the photo with white frame, like yrs?

Chen said...

Since the kam are available in the market,so fast fast go & buy loh :D
no CNY deco yet lah..

I didn't take picture of doggy admiring the oranges :D

Chen said...

I'm using Paintshop software to do the trick :)

Robin said...

I give up, guess I have to bear with your name everywhere if I want to read your blog.

Gong Xi Fa Chai... and where is my ang pow!

Winn said...

mandarin oranges always steal the limelight during cny.

so unfair. m sure grape , pear , apple & watermelon will get jealous n feel outcast. they never get the limelight.coz they are fruit of all seasons.

sob sob, they dun feel special.

Poor fruits :(

agus said...

I just love oranges. My favourite is navel oranges. Lokam is always nice and sweet too. Now I'm craving for some.

Chen said...

Just close one eye will do lah :P
Gong Xi Fa Cai? Too fast liao lah..
U should say Merry Christmas first :D

Aiyoh.. I like the way u describe things :)

Give a pet on the heads of those poor fruits..
(Provided if they have heads :P)

I love all the fruits...
I always have sufficient supply of fruits in my house ;)

Robin said...

Aiyo, Merry Christmas .. got no ang pow one.

Jellyfish said...

sufficient supply ar?

or over supply?


Chen said...

Ohhh... I see :D

Aiyah.. fruits cannot keep for long mah..
So no need to over supply lah..
True boh? Or else have to throw away the rotten one..
wasting $$$$ only :P

day-dreamer said...

So fast buy kam? When you buy when CNY is round the corner, wouldn't it be cheaper?

Chen said...

day dreamer,
I want to eat now mah..
wait till CNY, another month woh..
expensive little bit never mind lah..

Jellyfish said...

we no need to buy one...
ppl just give us lukams

plenty of them

Chen said...

chai yen hu, i know u very han fook loh..
got ppl give u kam..
plenty summmore
cannot finish, give some to me lah..
don't waste :P

Jellyfish said...

come kl to pick up
no problem :D

day-dreamer said...

I want some too.

You can use DHL.

Chen said...

Wah, I thought u drive up north to deliver them for me?
or Use DHL service lah..

Day Dreamer,
Get from Chai Yen Hu 9chai yen hu = jellyfish)..
He has plenty mah.. FOC summore :)

Cynthia said...

a bit the fast right? CNY mandarin.

Chen said...

A little bit fast only loh..

day-dreamer said...

Err... yeah, I know. The last comment was supposed to be directed to him, not you. Sorry!

:D :D

Anonymous said...

jellyfish, when u drive up north to deliver lukam for chen..
dun forget to drop by my place n pass some lukam for me also... :p
thanks lor.. :)

Chen said...

day dreamer,

now, u have to deliver kam to few people already ~ me, day dreamer and anon

Anonymous said...

jellyfish, im waiting for the kum..
when only will delivery to my place ah??
dun let me wait too long.. :p

Jellyfish said...

so fast got booking liao

Chen said...

Good business, huh? :)

dino said...

must booked in advance mah..
scare later u "chow kai".. :p

Dentist Down Under said...

Gosh I miss those