Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve Dinner

We had Christmas Eve Dinner together with my in laws in my apartment yesterday night. The picture above showed some of the food/dishes that we had for dinner. Still have lotsa leftover big bird turkey from dinner yesterday night. The dog (I mean my little doggy (ah boy) is very happy as well, cos he gets to eat turkey meat and the other dishes.. with mango pudding and vanilla ice cream too as dessert. Too bad he cannot eat the coffee walnut cake. (He begged for the cake in his usual cute way, but we can't give it to him cos coffee is poisonous to dogs) I can see his bulging tummy after the Christmas treat. Well fed... :)


Cynthia said...


Im sooo fulled these days.. been eating like hell.



Chen said...

Yeah, i see u have lotsa good food over there..
Your turkey looks extremely yummy..

Winn said...

ah boy lol...

he didnt beg for wine?

Jellyfish said...

what u wanna do with the leftovers? :P:P


Chen said...

ah boy hates wine lah..
If we put the wine near him, he will run away..
clever dog, since alcohol is toxic to dog :)

Initially, I keep some ~ just in case u are naughty, then I can throw the leftover turkey at u.
But since u are quite well behaved lately, so I will just eat the leftover turkey loh..
Don't waste food ;)

carcar said...

after i came over to singapore, i missed the fun celebrating christmas...last time i was a home tutor for an american chinese family, they always invite me for their christmas dinner at home, is a real christmas big and wholesome feast...miss them so much, they are now back to seattle, u.s.a

Chen said...

Normally I have Christmas Dinner together with my family members. Haven't attend any big and wholesome feast yet :)

Sharl612 said...

Lucky Ah Boy. Did you buy him present? hehe

Chen said...

No Christmas present.
We buy him gifts on and off. He just get his birthday present early this month :)

day-dreamer said...

Coffee is poisonous to dogs? Omg... *faints*

Chen said...

day dreamer,
Hey, I'm serious leh..
Chocolate (top on the list), coffee, grape, raisin, alcohol, raw onion or garlics etc etc are poisonous to dogs !!
No jokes. Keep this in mind.
If u have dog in the future, never feed these food to the doggy.

day-dreamer said...

Wah... thanks for the info.

Chen said...

day dreamer,
U r mostly welcomed :)

babe_kl said...

grapes? hubby used to fed his dog with these and she's still alive but now very old d... going to go pretty soon the way i see it :-( my MIL is going to be very sad

so did u cooked the big bird? :p

Chen said...

babe kl,
ooh.. last time when I didn't know chocolate and grapes are poisonous to dogs time, I on and off give my doggy those treats..
And, he became so hyperactive jumping around all night long..
luckily nothing sinister happened...
My hubby let the doggy smell whisky once during new year eve last year and he became like mabuk ~ can't even walk in straight line, just like how drunk people walk..
Hahha.. so cute :)
(So fast, that was one year ago already... two more days, it's another new year eve again)

Nope.. I didn't cook the big bird..
Might do so next year after gathering all the cooking tips around :)