Friday, December 02, 2005

Chicken Little

Haven't watch movie for long time already. The last movie I watch in cinema is.. Lord of the Rings 1, and what's the name of that movie? Is it Fellowship of the Ring? How long was that ago? If not mistaken, it's somewhere way back in 2001. Wow.. that means, I haven't watch movie in cinema for almost 4 years already..

I can still remember falling asleep inside the cinema while watching the LOTR 1 :P I only woke up towards the end of the movie. So, at the end, I have no idea what is the movie about. And I didn't watch the subsequent series of the LOTR movies :)

During my stay in Bintulu, I brought my nephew to the cinema on one Sunday evening to watch the movie ~ Chicken Little. The ticket for adult is RM8 on weekends and RM6 for kids below 10 years old. The movie was only shown in the cinema in Bintulu much later than the release date..

Really have a good laugh and no regrets watching this movie. The cute chicken little, the ugly duckling, the funny fatty piglet, the fish out-of- the water etc etc. All the characters are funny and unique :D However, the movie is short, 77 minutes only. The kids will sure love the show ;)


hornbill said...

eh... again..i'm the first person..waseh

Chen... 2 weeks before i plan to watch the chicken little movie but my friend bought the zorro ticket. zorro quite interesting movie too especially zorro's son. Forgot his name already

Winn said...

emm..he looks like jellyfish kan?

carcar said...

winn, i agreed with you leh...look like jelly fish! *kikiki*

i love the song very of my gf kept on humming the is so lively and brisky!

ya...same same here, i can fall asleep while watching StarWars! wahaha!
and im not a movie person, last movie i watched guess was few months back!

i have a trailer of this chicken little...wonder how to put it up...hmmm..

Icey said...

~ what are we talking about? ~


jie, remember dat line mar??

~~ numa numa...~


day-dreamer said...

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei,
nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei...

One of the things I wanna do after SPM is to watch Chicken Little. And the DVD is lying on top of my DVD player now...

YAY!! I'm going to the cinema in a few hours time.

Ma-ia-hii. Ma-ia-huu. Ma-ia-hoo. Ma-ia-haha...

Jellyfish said...

i watched it d.
left look right look also not look like me wor

i'm cuter

Chen said...

Zorro ah? Proven liao I never read the entertainment column in the newspaper, cos I dunno what show/movie is on ;)

U should watch the Chicken Little. Sure u will have a good time laughing :)

Winn & Carcar,,
Mmmm... that's interesting. I didn't realise this till u mentioned.
Now, come back to think of it, u r right..
Looks very much like him, hahahhaa...
Might be that's how he looks like when he is still a kid :P

I totally forgotten how the song sounds like already :P

U better than me, the last movie I watch prior to this chicken little is 4 years back already :D

Trailer? There are ways to put it up. But I forget the website address already. Tell u later on when I find out ;)

Forget liao lah.. I can't even remember the movie theme song liao :P
Got so many other important things to remember :D
So cannot spare too much space in my brain to remember all these stuffs ;)

Day dreamer,
What u tokking ah? Sing song ah? :D
I know lah, u sudah habis exam..
Syiok leh :D

u left look right look only, didn't look up look down..
kakkaka... sure u don't notice lah :P
U are cuter ah?
perasan again... :P

JoeC said...

I ve watch LOTR PIII for 5 times, on the third time, i fell asleep then can be awake for the good parts. Cheers!

cooknengr said...

Whats up doc, movie ticket here is $10 a piece...USD.

agus said...

why did the chen-chen watch the movie? anyone?
give up?

Jellyfish said...

bcos nothing better to do? :P

Chen said...

wah... watch LOTR PIII for 5 times? Sure u can memorise the story already :D

USD10? Wow...

why ah? My nephew want to watch mah..
I accompany him to watch lah..
That's why..
Very simple... No need to think so hard :D

if nothing to do, then I will go & buy jelly to eat :P
eat jelly only, not eating jellyfish :D

agus said...

heheh, actually, i also don't know why. lazy to think, or not thinking at all by the looks of it. just thought others might have funny answers to the question, like...ermmm, aaah..., ermmm...ah forget about it. Malas nak pikir.

Chen said...

So complicated?
Nothing special lah.. just accompany nephew to watch :D

babe_kl said...

wah not cheap oso hor the tixs in bintulu??? i took my boiboi to his maiden movie at the cinema to watch chic lil... thank goodness he glued to the seat (my lap) kakakaka GSC 1U got wide leg room phewwww...

Chen said...

babe KL,
I'm sure boiboi enjoys his special seat very much.. cos very comfy :P