Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Perahu Tambang

One can get to see lotsa perahu tambang (traditional boat) or teksi sungai (River Taxi or Cab) on the Sarawak River in Kuching Waterfront. Kuching is divided into two parts (Northern & Southern Kuching), by the Sarawak River. Nowadays, most of the government departments are located in the Northern Kuching Region. The fare to cross the Sarawak River with this perahu tambang is only RM 0.30 per person. It is more expensive at night time with the price of RM 1 per person.

These perahu tambangs are brightly painted with different colours ~ yellow, green and pink, with advertisement on the roof as well :)

These boats bring the passengers across the Sarawal River, and most of the time, they were busy. Most people cross from one side of the river to the other for work purposes/school or just for pleasure/fun (just like what I do !!). Lotsa tourists took these perahu tambang as well. It's a nice experience to cross the river with the perahu tambang for those who never experienced taking or sitting in boats before.

The photos above show passengers taking the perahu tambang. One has to step into the boat carefully or else might drop into the river if stepped wrongly. Hahaha... what I mean is, the boat is "parked" near the jetty, and there's no proper "steps"or "ways" to go into the boat as u can see from the picture :) U just have to be careful, and watch out your steps.

This is the view taken from the other side of the river (from the Northern Region). Yeah, I crossed the river as well ;) Can see the Square Tower and Watch Tower from this photo.

I can see lotsa fishing boats as well besides the perahu tambang.

Besides using the boats, there's other way to cross the river as well, which is by road~ The road is located at the other side of the town.

Fellow blogger Agustus wrote a post on perahu tambang not long ago on his blog as well :)
Just a side note
: I noticed Jellyfish commented there that he was so ulu (= katak di bawah tempurung) cos that's his first encounter with perahu tambang. So, Jellyfish, since this is your second encounter, so u are no longer ulu already :P


Icey said...


im d 1st 1?


but, rm0.30 lor...

nex time, jiejie bring me to sit har..


FH2O said...

When I was a kid the Perahu Tambang was "rowed"; now they all have 2-stroke engines onboard. Its faster to get across but a lot of the magic is gone.
Also before the barrage was built, you can see the boatmen pitched their skills and stamina against the tide currents. Except when the barrage is opened the water is quite placid.
They are also not floating advertising billboards like they are now!
Guess I am just being nostalgic ... :)

JoeC said...

thx for shaing the lovely pix with us, thx! cheers!

day-dreamer said...

Aiyak! Not fair, not fair! I was sitting for my Bio paper 2 when the post appeared! Never mind, I'll join in the fight next time!

Even nicer pics!!

agus said...

haha! long live the perahu tambang. Although I've never got on one since I don't remember when!

hornbill said...

Because I'm sarawakian... i pay RM0.60 for this perahu tambang... i use the same perahu...pergi n balik saja... hehehehe....

Chen said...

Bring u to sit? If u r in Kuching loh, and I'm in Kuching as well at the same time :P

yeah, during the early days, the perahu tambang was rowed.. I do remember that as well ;)
I don't have camera during those days, so I don't have any early pictures taken for comparison :(

Welcome :)

Day dreamer,
Can start count down liao.. your SPM exam going to finish soon :)
Merdeka soon liao :D

These are somethings that we don't see outside Sarawak :D

Hah? use the same perahu to pergi & balik saja?
Just enjoying yourself sitting inside the boat? ;)
Good lah u :D

Jellyfish said...

i'm just about to comment that this is my 2nd encounter but you have already mentioned it


Chen said...

of course lah.. I'm very observance :P

Jellyfish said...

efficient-nya my kai jie in replying comments


eh.. that is call observent meh.. not too free ar?

joking :P

Chen said...

Hahaha... same as u mah.. sama sama :D
I'm always observance one :P

Jellyfish said...

oh... :P

btw, u use your 10x to shoot that perahu tambang one ar?

Chen said...

nope, I didn't bring my Minolta dimage Z2.
Use my Minolta dimage X50 with optical zoom 2.8x only :P

Jellyfish said...

aiya.. ur Z2 got spider web liao
should have sold to me cheap cheap

Chen said...

Don't worry.. My digicam will never have spider web..
Cos I still use them very frequently.
I still use my Z2. The last time I use it is this morning leh :P
Capture some nice scenery pict :)

glutton rabbit said...

Uwaa! Perahu tambang is so cute! Even have advertisement on it. Lipton one looks very very cute. BTW, this is the first time I'm seeing perahu tambang. We only have ferries in Penang Doc ;p

Chen said...

Glutton rabbit,
We have ferries in Sarawak as well, but the ferries there are different from the one available in Penang ;)

Jellyfish said...

i dun get to see any sampan, perahu, boat, ferry or watever water transport in KL


Chen said...

u sure boh? :D

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Love photos. Such colourful and pretty floating cabs!

As you mentioned, a must visit if I ever go there.

Thanks for sharing!

Chen said...

Furkids in HK,
Yeah, This is one of the must visit place if u go to Sarawak :)