Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Oh Chean

Oh Chean or Fried Oysters Omelette ~ the oysters are fried to perfection into a sort of omelette made out of a mixture of cornstarch, eggs etc. Delicious and nice to eat when this delicacy is dipped into the sweet and hot chilli sauce served together :) This Oh Chean is one of my favourites. I always frequent one of the hawker stalls in Chulia Street. The above serving costs me RM4. Although most people likes the Oh Chean sold in the junction of Carnarvon Street and Kimberley Street; I don't cos I found the one sold there is very very oily... :P


Cynthia said...

haha! i dont even need to see the title i already knew it is Oh Chean! =) oh dear! i want Oh Chean. I had penang Char keow Tiao with see ham today. =) but i dint take any picture. oh yeah, im going to see "him" this saturday. thanks for your encouragement. i m very shy one. =P

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Yummm, Chiu Chow food is one of my favs!

Now I need to go to the fridge. :D

Chen said...

Woh.. Cool leh u, get to eat Penang Char Koay Teow in Perth :P
How's the taste?
Good u finally made up your mind liao to meet "him" :)

Furkids in HK,
Oh.. this is one of the Chiu Chow dishes? I don't know about that...
Thanks for the info :P

Darryl said...

Please stop putting delicious pictures in your blog. We know Malaysia has good food.

We Malaysians living in Australia are not blessed with such food. Putting such pictures in your blog would only make you deserve a little spanking!!!!

Jellyfish said...

din bring me try O.C. also when i was in penang that time.
must Fedex some to me liao, kekekekeke....

Cynthia said...

yeah, took me ages to choose a "yes" and "no". this situation is harder than exam, harder than choosing a medication for a patient. we spoken in the phone. =) im taking few friends with me. yay! by the way, the char keow tiao tatsed great! but the "see ham" wasnt bloody enough. =)

Furkids In Hong Kong said...

Lol @ darryl!

Winn said...

looks yummy! tho oyster's not my fav, but the pic's making me drool..

feel like having another round of breakdfast now. Chulia street's in penang ya? U from Pg? not S'wak? Me from Pg

Hawks said...

One of my fav. Such a long time did not go out for this :-)

No complains on the food pics. hahahaha

glutton rabbit said...

Doc, the pix looks so yummy. I like oh chean but I don't really eat the oysters. Haha.. I just eat the chean...funny rabbit. I am 'geli' of big big oysters.
That is why I order he chean (prawns)...

cooknengr said...

What's up doc, Kuching's Oh Chian still the best, cryspy crust like keropok...with the fresh juicy oyster..contrast in texture.

Icey said...


i eat d oyster oni..


dun like d egg ...


jie, nex time we go eat..


Jellyfish said...

ohhh... u like oyster only ar
den good... i like the egg, not the oyster, kekekee...

Chen said...

Hahhaha.... Sharing is good :P Since u can't sample the Malaysian Food all the time, so I share the picture with u :)

U are coming to Penang again end of the month, right?
Bring u to sample the Oh Chean this time loh...

Do share with me your meeting with "him" this weekend :)
U like "bloody" see ham? I'm sort of health conscious.. prefer eating the not so bloody see ham :P kekekeke..

I'm from the Land of Hornbills, but now working and residing in the Pearl of the Orient loh...

Hawks & Furkids in HK,

u are indeed a funny rabbit leh.. ;)

I didn't really try the Kuching Oh Chean. Must try this @ my next trip back home :)

Next time we go eat, u ask Darren eat the eggs loh..
We sapu the oyster :P

Chen said...

Ohh... So next time u come to Penang,
I will ask Icey to come out, so u sapu the egg, she sapu the oyster :P

hornbill said...

hungry already...

Anonymous said...

waa RM 4 quite resonable and big oyster i wish KL is serving with this price and quality

Darryl said...

Dr. Chen, how many plates/bowls of Oh Chean, Char Koay Teow, Koay Teow T'ng, Ipoh Sa Hor Fun, Nga Choy Kai, Yong Tau Foo, Satay, Bak Kut Teh, Rendang, Nasi Lemak, A-pong, Won Ton Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, all Nyonya food, etc. can I eat before getting a heart attack when I go back to Malaysia for 2 months?

humblewarrior said...

It goes well with hot chilli!!! Why am I torturing myself early in the morning???

Sharl612 said...

The "Oh" look big! And the serving of the "Oh" looks generous! And for $4!

day-dreamer said...

*drooling* Oooh!! The oysters... look so big, fat and juicy!! Can hardly find oh chean in Ipoh. =( Anyway, I just had roti tisu last night. Yummy! :D

Chen said...


This hawker stall serves big & juicy oyster.. And the money spent is really worthy :)

Aiyoh, U don't have to worry so much as long as u don't have any medical ailments or suffering from high cholesterol level :P And I'm sure u do exercise, right?

Btw, enjoy your 2 months stay back home in Malaysia.. and not forgetting to taste all the mouth watering & delicious Malaysian delicacies :)

Humble Warrior,
Yeah, it tastes perfect & excellent when dipped into the hot chilli sauce.

Yeap, this particular stalls are generous with their big & juicy Ohs. Most other stalls give small Ohs.

Day Dreamer,
Hehehe.. btw, your roti tisu looks nice ;) And the serving is so huge !!! I'm really amazed :D

Jellyfish said...

me... raya need to work. :((
penang plan cancelled.

even my trip to gua tempurung middle of this month was canceled due to this also.

dem sad.

Gasman said...

try the one in Sunshine Bayan Baru Hawker Centre! Huge one..
Or the one in Supertanker in Sg Dua behind Pesta Compund.

Darren said...

OMG, gasman, really ar?

I will go try it when I back to la la land... :D

Chen said...

Cancel your trip to Penang liao cos of work?
Never mind loh.. U can always come some other time later on..

Okie.. Thanks for the info..
Just that, I seldom go to that side of the island :)

So next time u can sample the food while waiting to meet your darling :)
Btw, since when Penang become "la la land"? =))