Friday, September 09, 2005

Doggy's toy

My dog has a collection of toys as well.. The picture above is shows part of his toys.. He likes to play with soft toys as well as those rubber toys with squeaking sounds when pressed... He likes to bite his toys... So the toys won't last long.. The grey hippo is his favourite toy ;)

Everytime when he is given a new toy, he will play with the new toy for the next couple of days and left behind the old toys ... Hahha, his behaviour is exactly just like human :)


shookmeallnightlong said...

how come no more link one?

phangan said...

snowman: what link?

chen: you really treat your doggie like little kid... kekekeke

i think it's time you plan for a kid of your own :P

*fast fast cabuts*

cooknengr said...

what's up Doc, you should put your dog next to the toys and show us how big is he.

Chen said...

what links are u talking about?
Is it the links on the right hand side?
R u using IE? I dunno why with IE, the display go haywired.. the links all appear in the bottom end instead :D
No problem with other browsers (Netscape, Opera, Firefox)

kakakkaa... Dogs have feelings & emotions as well mah :D Dogs like toys as well :P And it's much easier to take care of a dog than a real kid.

my doggy, (Miniature Pinscher) is very small only, even smaller than the cat !! :) Will show his picture next time ;)

babe_kl said...

wah yr ahboi really lucky la

Chen said...


err... btw, how come u know his nickname leh (ahboy)?

Jellyfish said...


doggie bite liao, so dirty

babe_kl said...

adoi, u mentioned here b4 ma hehehe u so forgetful geh? :p

Chen said...

dog saliva only mah... :P
not dirty lah =))

woh... I mentioned before ah? Forget liao.. Mmmm.. Now I realised one thing.. Babe Jie has very good memory ah? ;)