Thursday, July 14, 2005


On call 3 times this week .. Tiring.. Monday, Wednesday & next on call will be this coming Sunday.. Haven't really recovered from the tiredness from the previous on call, then have to on call again.. Damn tiring.. Only manage to go to sleep at around 4:45 am early morning today, & supposed to wake up at 6 am to do my morning round. But, since I'm too tired, I "overslept" a bit & woke up only around 6:40 am.. Cos of this, I have to write faster during my morning ward round in order to complete my rounds, cos so many patients to review ...(Tiring lah.. working the whole day from 8 am till 4 something in the morning the next day, some more I have unstable, critically ill patients to take care of ...) Anyway, although I wirte fast,my handwriting is still nice & readable :P

Having cerebral resuscitation just now with GCS 3/15 :P

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