Saturday, July 16, 2005


This is what I have for brunch.. Onion Thosai served hot on banana leaves with some side dishes.. :)


truth said...

I love Thosai !!!!

cheat said...

i never liked thosai... hehe

Jellyfish said...

i love to see evol eat thosai

Gasman said...


where did you buy that, pls let me know...

hornbill said...

yummy!!!! Chen... cook for me...

miss sweet16 said...

i cant eat tosai anymore. **sobs** it gives me blocked sinuses and migraines.

dr notti said...

aiyoh, poor miss sweet16.

ooo, thosai hor...nice for an alternative to rice. but me no eat da fried chicken. go for fish curry or spicy dhal.

no ratings ka?? or comments?

Chen said...

yeah, thosai is nice, plain thosai, thosai bawang, rawa thosai etc etc..

I never notice what's the name of that shop, but I went there many times already.. it's the corner shop, located somewhere in Penang Street.. very crowded with people in the morning. Now they extend their business already..

I dunno how to prepare or cook thosai leh... :D

Miss Sweet16,
poor u, so kesian :( Look at the brighter side loh, at least, u can still enjoy lotsa other delicious Malaysian food stuff :P

Dr Notti,
just wondering, are u ac? :D
ratings or comments ah? I will say it's quite nice, and this place is very crowded with people in the morning.. Since there's lotsa food stalls around in Penang, those not so nice one won't survive long over here cos of the competition.. Only the best will survive..

babe_kl said...

i lup thosai yumyum :p

wahh how many ppl eating la, so many side dishes one :D

Chen said...

kekeke.. how many leh u guess?
two loh.. me & my dear hubby :D