Sunday, July 03, 2005

Big Baby (aka macrosomia)

Guess what's the "biggest" newborn baby that I've ever see?

A 5.86 kg baby boy!!! This incident occured during one of my on calls in Maternity Hospital quite some time ago. This baby double the size of other newborn :) He is so chubby that he can't even open his eyes properly. He's so cute with his slit eyes appearance.

The Obstetrician suspected that the mother has big baby but didn't expect the baby to be so huge..(Estimated Birth Weight was around 4.2 to 4.5 kg) The mother was advised to undergo Caesarean section since there's high chance of shoulder dystocia if the baby is huge/large (macrosomia). The mother initially reluctant to go for Caesarean Section but she consented later on after weighing the risk & benefit that might be encountered..

Really thank God the mum opted & choose to undergo Caesarean Section.. cos even with Caesarean Section, the surgeon faced difficulty to deliver the baby out (cos the baby is really damn big !!!). Have to extend the surgical incision in the uterus & after some time, then only manage to deliver the baby with aids of forceps.. Can't imagine if the mother go for Vaginal Delivery --->it will really be hazardous. Shoulder Dystocia, is inevitable !!! The newborn baby really look like two months old kid, cos he is so huge :)

Mmmm.. I hope he won't grow up to be someone obese or overweight. Well, I have a morbidly obese patient not long ago.. He is only a 9-year-old boy with the body weight of 106 kg (morbid obesity) !!! That boy really has very good appetite & eat regular 6 heavy meals a day.. So many complications he encountered because of his morbid obesity..

The mother doesn't have Diabetes or Gestational diabetes (It's more common for poorly controlled diabetic mother to have macrosomia or huge baby) & she's not obese or big size.. (like the normal pregnant women with body weight around 70 kg).. However, she has history of macrosomia before with previous baby birth weight of 4 kg, & previous baby was delivered via Caesarean Section.


Selba said...

OMG... 5.86 kg!!! Wondering how does the baby look.. I've seen once a baby 4.5 kg, that one already looked so huge, not more cute but scary...

Chen said...

wah.. u really go & dig/read the archives :D

The baby is so obese that he can't even open his eyes ;) He looks like he is few months old :D

Anonymous said...

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