Friday, June 17, 2005

On Call

On call yesterday.. Daytime was quite okay, and I thought I can go & rest at night time, but who knows, I have few cases from 2 am till almost 6 am in the morning.. (I don't mind busy in the daytime but prefer to have some rest at night..) First LSCS at night time was a 95 kg lady with polyhydramnios & unstable lie, in active labour & baby was in transverse lie at that moment.. Bleed quite a lot intra op but manage to stablise her hemodynamically by rapid colloid & crystalloid fluid resuscitation, and oxytocin 40 units in progress. As usual, we try to minimise blood transfusion especially in young, healthy patient cos blood transfusion itself carries risks.. VE examination after LSCS showed persistent oozing.. Inspection with SIM's speculum revealed labial tear.. Another case was suspected chorioamnionitis with maternal PROM & fetal tachycardia & deceleraton on CTG.. By the time this case was done, it's almost 6 am in the early morning already..


John Guinness said...

tell them drink more water and sleep, next day only come see them lor.

Chen said...


hah? whatever it is, the caesarean section needs to be done woh.. :D

Gasman said...


Sometime my call was ok, sometime it was totally out of control! Just like that day! Am feeling bad today as the newspaper came out the report... in the chinese. Hope you can read chinese.

Chen said...


I understand & can speak/read/write in Chinese but most of the time, I only read English newspapers; btw, which Chinese papers u r talking about? might be I can read it up online.. since most of the local Chinese papers like nanyang, sinchew,guangming etc are available online..