Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Just changed my handphone number last weekend... Have been using the same number since i first own a handphone, and that was way back in 1999 already (7 years already).. That was the second year of my working career..(buy it with my own hard- earned salary).. During that time, the package of digi prepaid costed something like RM269 (I can't remember the exact amount since it's so long ago already..) Nowadays can get the package at the cheap cost of RM18 together with free gift as well..

Kids nowadays are so lucky. Most of them start carrying handphone in secondary school, and some more lucky primary school kids have handphones as well... I still remember during my university time, i have to queue up at the phone booth to wait for my turn if i want to make a phone call.. Sometimes have to wait for more than half an hour leh just to make a call... Those were the days.. Wonder how many actually still use public phones nowadays. I think i stopped using public phones since i own my first handphone in 1999 :)

And those school kids & youngsters nowadays use the more expensive and high tech handphones than me. And they change handphone very frequent as well. I use my handphone mainly for communication purposes - making & receiving phone calls & sms. Other functions i hardly use. I don't fancy handphone with too many functions, cos this will drain the battery power fast ...It's damn irritating when u need to made a phone call & notice your handphone running out of battery :P I have my PalmZire 71 for those purposes like appointments, memo, to do list, games & other applications etc etc..

Well, i keep the same handphone number all the while for ease & convenient purpose. (I changed few handphones already, but not the number :) ) Cos i'm too lazy to inform everyone about the changing of number - friends (including school friends/ university friends/ course mates etc), colleagues, relatives & others... Too many contacts !!

I changed my prepaid account to postpaid account last weekend, planned to keep the original number initially (to save the trouble of informing everyone!) but can't do so. The most I can keep is only the last 4 numbers, but since there's nothing special about the last 4 digits of my old handphone number , so i opt to choose a new handphone number; a nice & easy to remember phone number :D Not those number which i myself also have difficulty to remember :P


Nokia User said...

lots of young kids using phones waaaaay expensive than working class people. also "upgrade" quite often, so lucky.

cheat prepaid to bigger cheat postpaid??! postpaid should have war like prepaid!

Chen said...

i totally agree with u.. school kids & those youngsters use the more expensive handphones than the working class people....

Dr Evil said...

You very bored is it? Until can think this topic?

Buy XDA Mini!!!

Gasman said...

So, you do get a new phone right? Nokia I guess?
I myself quite fancy about the handphone but too "kiam siam" to get a good one. Anyway, am happy with my new phone which is 3 months old. I got to keep these phone for a long time coz it meets my requirements - camera, video, MP3, Ired. At least i can beam photos to my Palm E. Anyway, this is my 10th handphone since my housemanship. The first one is in India, Alcatel(throw away in hokien), Mitusumitsi (only 2 weeks!), Nokia 3210 (pass it to dad and till now still in my drawer), Nokia 3310 (blew up while charging!! a lesson for not getting original!), Nokia 8250 (the old fateful, gave to my dad, still using it), Nokia 6610 (Singapore import, but last only 6months, sold it coz i upgrade to Nokia 6610i), Nokia 6610i (six months old, sold it to colleague), Panasonic A120 (the smallest phone! 1 month later switch to X108 Panasonic flip, got cheated by the phone guy, shouldn't get anything when you are post call!!) Panasonic X108 (2 weeks ONLY and change to current one...
) Sony Ericsson K508i... hope it lasts.
Just now, took my wife for shopping, planning to get her one phone, eyeing on the Nokia 6020, the one she felt love at first sight, got to wait till end of Mid July for the new call claim... hehe...

Chen said...


i didn't get a new phone this time :) Currently, i'm using Nokia 6610i. So far, quite happy & satisfied with it, and no plan to change another new phone in the near future :)

I didn't own as many handphones as u.. My first handphone is Philip Twist, then followed by Erricson T10( i used this phone for quite some time, till the battery kaput.. and even after changing another new battery, the same problem occured; so no choice but to "condemn" it), followed by Siemen (can't remember what model), but the problem with this handphone is i can't receive Chinese sms !!! Not long after that, i changed to Nokia 3315 (which is still functioning well, but i decided to change to a smaller & lighter handphone in October last year) ---> Nokia 6610i :)

Hawks said...

That was the second year of my working carrier..

Working carrier ...?

Just changed my HP in Jan this year, since the 3210 went dead after using for more than 5 years (I think)

Chen said...


hahha... thanks for pointing out, didn't realise the typing error there :P
I will edit the original text :)

dr reb0rn said...

Nokia too cacat!
SAMSUBG RULEZ, kekekekeke


Chen said...


hahha.. it is up to individual lah..
just like the saying, one man's "honey" might be another man's "poison" mah..
anyway, i still prefer Nokia.. and for me, nokia rules :D